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With the automatic vacuum operated fuel valve, one needn't pull the fuel tank to pull a spark plug to inject fogging oil.
With fuel stabilizer in a full fuel tank and the engine run long enough to be warm, just disconnect the small vacuum hose from the fuel tap. Insert the nozzle or straw of the fogging oil can into the vacuum hose and simultaneously crank the starter motor and squirt fogging oil at the same time.
No need to worry if it runs a bit as we perform this act.

Just hit the kill switch before you release the fogging oil button. Then drain the carburetor.

I live in the very dry climate of WY. I've never fogged my bike, but I might ride it on any 40f winter day. Almost got a speeding ticket at 11f on New Years day once! Patrolman suggested that it might be a little warmer if I went a little slower. I simply said "not much", with a big smile.

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