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Deep winter riding

Reason seems to be the first question asked. "why".... I've always wanted to see the northern lights and challenging conditions are exhilarating. The wanderlust is intense being stuck in engineering school and not able to travel how I wish.

People I'm already talking to so far include Brokentooth and some motel phone calls met with chuckles.

I'll be riding up through western Canada in December 2018-January 2019 time frame and my schedule is below. I'm looking for help with winter lodging in any of these towns or anywhere close by during this time frame as well as guidance or wisdom on riding in the expected temp range of -40 to -70 during some parts. I'll be geared up insulation wise for this hopefully this year and I need some input and criticism of my planned route, gear, plans.

Gear includes my extreme cold weather suit from the army as well as army sleep system rated to -20 with three added layers 2 woold and an extra outer insulation layer.
My sister is making me cold weather grip covers that go up past my elbows heavy gauge leather with rabbit lining. Room for mittens and/or snowmobile gloves.
Wool and polyester sub layers. Goretex outer layers sized to fit over everything worn at once.
Boots I've been looking at getting some icefishing type boots but I'm really open to suggestions as I've never bought boots for this kind of thing. I know they make boot covers for snowmobiling that I'm looking at.

Emergency trauma kit. Emergency heating supplies in event of exposure. Sleeping arrangement/four season tent, in case of failure to make a town or rendezvous.
Food for three days at all times and water to match.

I'm working out the mileage on studs weighed down this winter and I'll settle on a safe 300 mile range and adjust gas capacity to make that happen under full load.

Bike maintenance: Fluids in the bike have all been Okayed down to -60 F no problem. Switch over to straight antifreeze no water and use thinner oil. Bring extra battery and possibly look into a kick-start system for emergencies. Use gas along the way rated for these temps. Extra studs in kit for maintaining tires as needed. Kevlar belt from school composites shop for inside tire to protect from studs pressing through. Going to make a block heater to help when I can use it.

Something that hasn't been answered is how will gaskets/seals hold up?

Inventory of days for trip: Winter Prudhoe Bay

1. Logan UT to Baker City Oregon
2. Baker City Oregon to Seattle Washington
3. Seattle Washington to 100 Mile House BC
4. 100 Mile House BC to Bear Lake BC
5. Bear Lake BC to Fort Nelson BC
6. Fort Nelson BC to Watson Lake Yukon
7. Watson Lake Yukon to Whitehorse Yukon
8. Whitehorse Yukon to Beaver Creek Yukon
9. Beaver creek Yukon to Fairbanks
10. Fairbanks to Coldfoot
11. Coldfoot to Prudhoe Bay
13. Prudhoe Bay to Coldfoot
14. Coldfoot to Fairbanks
15. Fairbanks to Beaver Creek Yukon
16. Beaver Creek Yukon to Whitehorse Yukon
17. Whitehorse Yukon to Watson Lake
18. Watson Lake Yukon to Fort Nelson BC
19. Fort Nelson BC to Bear Lake BC
20. Bear Lake BC to 100 Mile House BC
21. 100 Mile House BC to Seattle Washington
22. Seattle Washington to Baker City Oregon
23. Backer City Oregon to Logan
Plus one week of Emergency Days.
7,054 miles round trip.
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