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My initial instinct is to tell you to "just ride the damn thing", but a lick of sense wandered into view of the thought. So. On second thought, I have a few questions. Describe, if ya will, the front tire condition. [cupping, wear, air pressure, manufacture and model, if you can].

Also. Who will be maintaining this bike? You? Shop? The reason I ask is that someone needs to check the steering head adjustment on that bike. There is a phenomenon that happens with the front wheel of motorcycles called a "tank slapper". That is where the handle bars will gyrate left to right, stop to stop faster than a machine gun. In all good faith, I could not tell you or anyone else to go ahead and "git with it" on a bike I am not familiar with, or that has not been checked over.

If all is well, then it is just a matter of getting used to the wind buffeting from the high hung fender, and wind resistance from the fairing. Not to be pessimistic, but that bike you bought ain't exactly gonna have a ride like a Coupe DeVille. It is a lot closer to a paint shaker than it is to a barcalounger.
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