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packable weight on a KLR frame?

Been reseraching an enduro for a while and have pretty much settled on the KLR. Hope to be making a purchase soon as thetThe wife's van finally died and she will be taking over my truck. Currently I'm riding a Honda Aero with hard bags but that set up cannot carry much and I do not want to tear up that bike.

I'm looking to use on the TraX saddle boxes and top box as this will be my main transportation to and from the base (I'm .mil) and need to be able to pack PT gear and uniforms daily and field gear at times.

I've seen pictures and read a lot of travel blogs where KLR riders on long distance rides and sports / dual sports tours are loaded down like Afghanistan Jingle Trucks. Exactly what is a comfortable (stress wise for the frame), safe 'load weight' for the bike frame and luggage racks (Trax luggage with the SW Motech luggage racks)?

As stated earlier I will sometimes load some military gear to get it on the base, but am also looking to ride cross country at times, do some long distance trail riding like the Trans Am Trail, as well as setting this up as a possible back up Bug Out Vehicle.

Any help would be appreciated.
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