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Originally Posted by klr4evr View Post
Stew, what do you mean by "that doesn't rub"?

I'm getting a set of Shinko 705's.

If you want something more aggressive I would try the Dunlop 606 before I got the Mefo's. Not that the Mefo is a bad tire. Hard to get and expensive.

Depending on what you wanted for them I may be interested in the Gripsters if you pull them. Hard to pay for Gripsters when a Kenda or Shinko will last just as long or longer.
Even though they are the same size, the Gripster seems a bit wider. I had to space my muffler out and it was rubbing my chainguard a bit... I thought at first that I maybe had the tire mounted cockeyed (maybe the bead was seated unevenly), but I pulled it off last night and remounted it with lots of soapy water and it's the same. Seems ok now that I spaced the muffler out a bit. I wish I had paid more attention to how much clearance the stocker had before I pulled it off.

I chose the Gripsters because of the reviews on them, I'll probably keep them because I paid quite a bit and my riding is 90% street and maybe 10% gravel roads, I'm just whining because I saw some neat looking trails (but muddy!) going down to the river off Lamareux road on the weekend and wished I had some knobbies to try em out. The trails did look pretty narrow and soft though, I don't know if knobbies would have done the trick, probably private land too, I'm not sure.

The Shinko's are a nice tire and the price is definitely a lot better than the Gripsters. A fellow at work just put a set of Kenda 761's on his 08, he likes them now but they handled really weird for the first 100 miles or so until the tires scrubbed in. He used to run the Kenda knobbies on his 94 but wanted something a little more street oriented this time.

Did you order the new tires through Cycle Works? I got mine from A Vicious Cycle, good customer support and fast shipping but I think I paid about $50 to ship them from Ontario to here. I think they were about $270 with the taxes, tire levy and shipping... A wee bit pricey.

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