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Originally Posted by 650Stew View Post
Did you order the new tires through Cycle Works? I got mine from A Vicious Cycle, good customer support and fast shipping but I think I paid about $50 to ship them from Ontario to here. I think they were about $270 with the taxes, tire levy and shipping... A wee bit pricey.


I don't know why you would be having rubbing issues with the Gripster. I have a set of Gripsters on one of my bikes and have had no problems that way. Same goes for a friend with a 2008. Sure it's a 130 tire?

I bought the Shinkos from Dual Sport Plus. They charge $25 to ship a pair from Ontario. Their price on the tire set was about $70 less than AVicious. Pricing on these actually was a little less than buying at Alberta Cycle and they could only get the rear. This way I make a phone call and pick up the tires at the post office. No need to drive into the city.

As far as buying locally my preferred shops are Alberta Cycle and Pointe West Honda. Cyclejerks er' works has yet to see any of my money.

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