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Originally Posted by klr4evr View Post
Well there’s no doubt you’ll be able to complete the ride on an R3 a lot quicker than you would on the KLR but what’s the challenge in that. We did the 1000 last fall on the KLR’s. Looking at doing the 2500 this July.
How did your 500 go back in 2016?

Did you complete your 1000 last year in less than 24 hours or did you use most of your 36 hour allotment?

I once rode a '74 Z1 900 about a 1030 miles in about 16 & 1/2 hrs. The hardest miles were from the 450-550 mark.
The second day I completed 1 lap of Wyoming, about 1711 miles with one 127 mile section ridden twice. (once out, once back to my town)

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