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Originally Posted by DPelletier View Post
I spin the wheel and spray with WD40. Good enough to last Wattman (Bill) 34,000 miles is good enough for me......and no mess. :-)


In the article The WD40 Experiment, I found these lines at the end of the first paragraph. And now I'm a little confused.

"the KLR has an o-ring chain, and the lube is inside the O-ringed
areas ... and all I'm doing is keeping the O-rings clean and alive by spraying with WD40. "

I ask. The factory chain comes with lubricant inside and this is protected by the O-rings? Or did I understand wrong.

I always thought that the lubricant was put on it so that it penetrated all the moving parts of the chain so that it would not have friction wear. Well at least the least possible wear.


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