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Originally Posted by docholladay7 View Post
.....what the heck is up with getting the seat back on?...
I always find that if something will not go together, if I walk away, when I come back it falls into place. It helps to hold your mouth just right too. If you fight something metal, it wins. Just wiggle it and give it a little tickle.

Also,,, you got some good advice on the battery charger connector but I'd only add "Fuse it" to the advice given. The fuse should be as close to the battery as reasonable. 15 amp sounds about right in a waterproof fuse holder. That way if anything ever goes wrong, you're protected.

A power outlet that you install on the dash can be used to "back-feed" power and charge the battery if you wire it up "hot with key off". Then you get the benefit of using the outlet when riding. Just keep the charging amps low.

Search E-Bay for "12 volt power outlet".

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