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[EDIT:]I overlooked Bill10's excellent and comprehensive manual extract above; quite a valid reference.

Even without the manual to guide me, I should have posted:

On a Generation 2 KLR650, SHORTING (or, JUMPING) the thermal switch terminals (ignition key ON) without consequently activating the fan means either:

1. Fan fuse blown.
2. Fan motor wiring (armature, brushes, etc.) kaput.
3. Inadequate/interrupted + 12 VDC wiring or bad ground.

Now, downstream to the thermal switch: Credible test procedure in the service manual; however--fan won't come on even with a good thermal switch if any one or more of the previously mentioned malfunctions exists.

My perception/postulation only.

[See Post # 9 below for a more comprehensive (and more accurate) discussion than this original post contained.]

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