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Originally Posted by Tom Schmitz View Post

What is currently the smallest orifice you'd recommend on the crank?
I'll have to suggest the #44 / 2.18mm / 0.086inch as the smallest that I'd recommend. My BSL oil analysis was the cleanest while using it. And as you all may recall those are all very clean reports for a KLR.

When I changed down to the #46 / 2.06mm / 0.081 inch the next BSL oil analysis showed a rise in the wearable metals (on a 3000 mile run), but my numbers were still better than the numbers for the BSL Universal Averages numbers for all KLR650's & all of their various oils used for their 2000 mile UA runs.

I can only guess that the slight rise of my wearable metals was Iron from the top rod end, piston pin & cylinder / Aluminum from the piston & Copper from the bottom rod thrust washers. Because most all of the other parts with-in the engine should have gotten a wee bit more oil.

I re-installed the #44 / 2.18mm orifice after getting that 4th report back & I still want about another 2000 miles on this oil before another oil change & report. This will be a 5000 mile run.

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