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Originally Posted by DamageInc74 View Post
Do you know if the elbow connector to the carburetor from the fuel tank feed hose is made in a metal like brass or zinc instead of the black plastic?
My 2005 elbow cracked because today’s gas is dry plastics out
The fuel inlet fitting for your 2005 Keihin CVK carb is part #92005-1120. An alternate part# is 92005-1283 from the 2008-2011 Gen 2 Keihin CVK carb. I can not remember which is less $'s but both are plastic.

No company that I am aware of makes any metal fuel inlet fitting to replace the original o-ring sealed Replaceable plastic fittings which were used from 1984-2011. (or was that 2010?)

I personally have found the original plastic fittings to be plenty durable with any & all gasolines used in my, 1 owner, 83,000+ mile, 1987 KLR650-A1. Both the upper vent and lower fuel fittings are original & I believe the o-rings are also.

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