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Originally Posted by Damocles View Post
Just generally, can anyone QUANTIFY in OPERATIONAL TERMS (e.g., comparable miles to major overhaul, hours between malfunctions) the DIFFERENCE between using the WORLD'S BEST MOTORCYCLE OIL and the cheapest, Kawasaki-recommended API Service Code and ambient temperature viscosity oil, in a KLR650?

No. No one person has more than two KLRs. I don't think most reasonable people would claim any difference.

And . . . has anyone ever suffered the heartbreak of maintenance disaster caused by friction-modified, energy-conserving motor oil (again, within the recommended API service codes and viscosity), with a KLR?

Doubt it. KLR hs an overly robust clutch for the pitiful horsepower it produces.

A controversial premise; I doubt the "quality" of lubricating oil (within manufacturer recommendations) is critical on KLR650 engines; don't think it makes much difference, as long as no oil starvation occurs. Granted, I may be thoroughly in error, harboring this notion, and everyone using non-pedigreed oil commits engine abuse with every crankshaft revolution.

That's by no means a controversial premise. One would have to be unreasonable to argue otherwise.

Now, PaddyD, as to Motul! True confession, I use Motul ONLY in my KTMs. Why? Because, KTM essentially TELLS me to; has a Motul sticker on the engine case cover! Why, then, can I be so irreverent regarding oil for KLR650 consumption? The KTMs engines, I believe, are built to exceedingly fine clearances and tolerances (my big 'un has three (3) oil pumps, I'm told). With love and respect for KLRs, I doubt they are designed and manufactured to the same high-performance racing specifications of the KTM mills.

Further, I may be buying a little insurance, at least mentally, with the KTMs. KLR650 engine blows; no biggie. KTM engine blows, TAKE OUT A SECOND MORTGAGE!

Now, Motul (at $ 40/gallon) for a KLR650? I'd like to see the QUANTIFIABLE, OPERATIONALLY INTELLIGIBLE maintenance consequence DIFFERENCE between Motul and WalMart's "cheaper spread" before feeding it to mine; YMMV!

Wish in one hand, spit in the other, seems to me.

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