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I dunno. I figure my chances of being disfigured or killed under an overhead metal canopy while refueling sitting on my motorcycle are exponentially less than either happening to me out on the road while I'm riding it.

It's really never occurred to me to dismount just to refuel if I had no other reason to do so. I usually wind up going into the store for coffee so what's the point of having to get back on to move away from the pump? Most stations I stop at are busy enough I feel guilty just leaving the bike sitting at a pump.

I would note that one of the reasons I wear Key Imperial overalls when riding is that my wallet is always secured right there on my chest, easy to access at the pump and easy to check to make sure it's still there. Other pocket's good for a cell phone if you use one of those things. I use my other bib pocket for cigarettes and Slim Jims.
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