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Fairing installation

I am sure this has been covered somewhere already, but I have yet to find it. I looked at a couple of youtube videos and the Partzilla fiche and nothing shows the detail I need of the upper left side fairing. When I removed mine to do the Thermo-Bob installation, the well nut in the front inside fell out. This is the one the holds the upper part of the radiator guard.

Apparently, it was never installed correctly at the factory and I am hoping it may be the source of the buzz I’ve had in the fairing since the bike was new. I assume this well nut gets pushed through the fairing hole from the front and then I assume the fairing and well nut go behind the bracket at the top of the radiator and then the radiator guard goes on the front with the bolt then going through to sandwich the radiator bracket between the radiator guard and the fairing well nut. Is this the correct way to install this well nut? The picture shows how I think it goes, but wanted to check here before I pop it into the hole.

The right side fairing well nut did not fall out, but had been out in crooked and then tightened down and is now rather distorted and will not stay in the fairing hole. Probably should get a new one for that side.

Picture was rotated 90 degrees CCW during the upload. What is facing up now really is the forward direction of the left side fairing.
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