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Originally Posted by pdwestman View Post
The primary reason that I have linked to the Babbits kawasakipartshouse numerous times, is because of its format and also their part# SEARCH feature in the Lower RH corner.

RMATV/MC does not have the search feature. kawasakipartshouse barely goes back to 1987.
I've never ordered from partzilla, maybe I ought to compare?

ps, As a former Kawasaki Dealer, I try to encourage people to Support their local dealership or Independant Service Facility when ever possible. Without their presents in your area it may become an even longer drive to get truly needed assistance for Real Problems.
UPS, Fed EX and others are getting rich as the Brick & Mortar, mom & pop stores are closing.
I agree and do the same, but my dealer is 67 miles away so it isnít convenient to go there for a $5 part. Well, there is a dealer closer by, about 30 miles, but they jerked me around so much when I was trying to buy my KLR last year that I went to the one 67 miles away to make the purchase. The closest dealer acted like they didnít care if I bought a KLR or not. So I didnít, at least not from them. They had two in the crate and after two phone calls and two visits over the course of a month they could not even be bothered to assemble one for a test ride. So, I definitely wonít give them any parts or service business.

I also like the videos that John Talley (SP?) at Partzilla makes. He is one of the better techs on youtube - always very technically accurate. And his video presence is comparable to Tim2Wheels. He doesnít specialize in any one brand of bike or ATV, but he has done a few videos on a few basic KLR maintenance items.
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