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OK, first off, I hope I haven't screwed you up. When I said GPS Tracker, I meant GPS TrackMaker. Hopefully you knew that and were humoring me...

In GPS Trackmaker, load a .gpx file that has the tracks you want to convert. You'll see your tracks on the screen - select one of them by double clicking on it. It should now have a whole bunch of points high-lighted on it.

From the menu, go to Tools>Tracklogs and Routes>Tracklog Reducer. Ehis will bring up a pop-up tool for making tracks use less points. Select "Create a Route" and select the number of points (vertexes) you want to use on the route (max is 210). Click on "Reduce", bada-bing, you have a route from the track file.

Save the .gpx file and load it into Mapsource. You can edit the route if you want or save it to the Nuvi.

BTW, I save all of my GPS data in one file called "Master.gpx" and save it straight to the Nuvi from Mapsource rather than use the Mapsource upload/download chingadera.


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