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Glad you're now safe, gncdi!

As to SPOT; at an AMA/International event a couple of years ago, I went down HARD in Pennsylvania's Buchanan State Forest. While I was not alone, I could not ride as a consequence of my injuries; had water from a hydration pack (made a serviceable pillow, also, as I lay in the shade of a signboard, hoping the pain pill would kick in).

Anyhow, the Horizons Unlimited organizers had provided all riders with active SPOT units for the event; my companion sent a, "Non-life-threatening Injury" SPOT signal; within half an hour, a rescue pickup and trailer evacuated me and my bike from the woods, hauling me to the regional hospital in Cumberland, MD.

Now, I think I would definitely have survived the incident, under the circumstances in this case, WITHOUT a SPOT. But, my point: The SPOT system really works; a distressed motorcyclist, remotely alone, could owe his life to an active SPOT subscription.

So, how am I doing now? Fine; able to cause a little excitement from my partial shoulder replacement at airport security metal detectors!

Oh, yes: Bike was unharmed!

Thanks for sharing your experience, and lessons learned, gncdi!

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