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Originally Posted by Damocles View Post
Hey, guys: DO NOT (upper-case letters used for emphasis, no offense intended anyone offended by use of all-capital letters in a communication ) test-ride a 790!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even . . . don't test-ride a 690. Look what happened to ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Then . . . I made the serious mistake of test-riding a 1290 SA . . . ALAS! (see above for justification of capital letters).

Recently, after riding the 1290 around extensively, I switched back to the 690. I then thought, "What's the matter with this thing? Is it BROKEN (see previous parenthetical comments)? It has no POWER (ibid.)!!!!!!!!!!!" (Of course, the 690 DID (you know) have plenty of power, just . . . not in comparison to the 1290.)

So, back to the 790. If the, "thundering hoofbeats of yesteryear" (exciting bursts of power; apologies to The Lone Ranger radio program announcer) speak to you, then . . . you may be LOST! (ibid.)

Haven't researched the 790 twin fully, specification-wise, myself yet, but . . . if the new bike has a 180-degree crankshaft (as do Ninjas), then . . . expect a sure, steady diet of torque from idle to redline (if a redline even exists). Constant crankcase air volume (no oil-filled airbox reservoirs) . . . I could go on, but . . . you've been WARNED! (same comment as above).

I've ridden many twin ADV bikes; BMW 700 and 800GS, BMW1200GS, Triumph 800XC, KTM 950 and 990, etc. While they all had intoxicating levels of power, I've managed to avoid the impulse buy by conjuring the memory of helping my buddy lift his new 990 Adventure through a washed out trail section. At the last HUMM, I sat and watched several of the "big bike" guys flop over on a sandy hill and flail around until one of us helped them pick up their bikes......no thanks; "horses for courses" and those horses aren't meant for the courses I ride....

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