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2002 KLR650 15,000 miles, Electrical problem starting

I got 1 full day of riding trails and forestry roads. On the way home I stopped for a cold drink and then it would not start. When I pressed the start button I could hear a sizzling sound down around the starter relay. The headlight and neutral light dims. I was able to push start it with the help of another rider I had just met. Got it home and have been working on it for days. Today I get home and try a used start circuit relay that came in a box of parts with the bike. It started right up! I was excited then I thought that’s to good to be true... I put the old relay back in and it started! I think it’s a wire shorted to ground somewhere? I took the start button apart because it didn’t feel right (no spring left in it). I found the spring had gotten hot so I stretched it back out and put it back together. When I put my meter on the starter relay and pushed the start button I only got 1.6 volts. The battery has 12.8 volts. I also tried to hook jumper wires up to the starter relay and it started right up. I have also jumpered the clutch safety switch and the kickstand switch just to take that out of the equation. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want it to happen again out in the sticks. Thanks
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