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Thanks, Tom!

Yeah, I have the flat mount two-way rox risers on it now and clearance is fine....but I am 5'8" and don't need the risers and would love to ditch them. May not be able to, though....we'll see.

I saw that rack a couple days ago online.....I can see that that design would stabilize the rear rack, big time. It would likely provide sufficient rigidity to get rid of the dynamic oscillation I feel when riding with a loaded topcase. Pretty solid looking.

Love the kickstarter! My basic position is EVERY enduro or offroad MC should have a kickstarter. I am old school, I guess, but I like 100% reliability...and electric starters aren't it. Having both electric and kick is the way to go! Is that an older engine or did you just pull the sidecover, shaft, and gears off an older bike and bolt them on? Way cool.

What brand of tank pannier is that, and are they secure in rough terrain? That's a great way to keep the weight distribution normalized when using rear bags. It looks like they are direct mount to the fairing?
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