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Strange voltage behavior on 2008 KLR650

This my third KLR. in over 160,000 miles on KLRs I have never had a charging problem, so I have no experience trouble shooting such a problem. I bought this KLR #3 a few months ago with about 10,400 miles on it. The battery in it was an AGM type.

Yesterday the starter relay just clattered when I tried to start it. I jumped it with my Lithium jump battery and ran some errands with no more problems. This morning the starter relay just clattered again. I install the new AGM battery I had bought for an upcoming long trip and ran some more errands with no problems.

This evening I connected my voltmeter to the battery terminals and started the engine and let it idle with only the LED 24 watt 2 amp low beam head light on. All readings below are with the engine running continuously at 1,200 rpm idle.

Before starting the battery was at 12.6 volts.
It quickly went up to 14.4 volts and then fluctuated between 14.4 and 14.2 volts.

When I switched on the stock (not LED) high beam in addition to the LED low beam the voltage quickly dropped to 12.5, 12.4, 12.3, 12.2 ...

I didn't wait to see how low it would go, but I think it would have gone down faster and lower with a stock incandescent bulb in the low beam side.
Switching back to low beam only the voltage rose to 13.3 in 60 seconds and to 14.4 in 2 minutes.

I think there is a problem in the stator or the regulator/rectifier. I have spares for both in a parts bike sitting four feet away with the gas tank off and the stator cover off.

I need to fix this before leaving on a long trip in a couple of days. Any comments or suggestions.
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