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Guessing I'm after a carb rebuild with diaphragm? Have seriously considered a KLX kit, but I'm not power hungry on this bike. I dig the range 45-50 mpg gets me.
Any aftermarket muffler can not Muffle the trailing throttle after-fire as well as the oem muffler will.

A loose exhaust header pipe or damaged header pipe gasket or crack in the header pipe will cause more & louder after-fire / popping.

A rotted/damaged/sticking idle air cut-off diaphragm will cause more & louder after-fire / popping.

The 22 cent mid-range needle shim mod or the KLX mid-range needle may alleviate your mid-range steady throttle intermittent hesitation.
So I've kept bike stock in the exhaust / carb department, because I enjoy the distance (mileage) the stock setup gets me, but I understand what you're saying. I'll look over the exhaust side.

I'll give the carb an inspection. It's a new symptom and it seems a bit progressive.

Coasting enrichner. I'll have to research.

Sounds like a lawnmower, Rides like a paint shaker!

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