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Checking oil.

I don't want to be asking a stupid basic question but I went to both search boxes and entered "how to check oil" and got one thousand google search results. Is there no mechanism to do a forum search? Again, new member.

In any event, I received my new owners manual that I bought on ebay and have been reading it carefully. Of course most of it is "how to ride a motorcycle" crap but when I went to the oil change section, it gives directions for draining the oil and replacing the filter with the bike on the side stand. Like so many other owner's manuals for bikes that have sight glasses, it says to check the oil level after filling but does not say to do it on the side stand or with the bike upright. Really? Big difference.

My new to me 08 has about 800 miles on the oil change which was done by the dealer. Withh the bike upright, it is at the top of the sight glass but when the bike is on he side stand the oil is nowhere to be seen. So how does one check the oil on the KLR?
The KLR and all other wet sump motorcycle engines oil levels should to be checked with the bikes near level in both directions, just like automobiles.

The mark near the oil window reads 2.5 L as does your owners handbook, correct? While on the side stand that may barely touch the bottom of the window, before you fill the oil filter. So stand it up straight.
Then start it up to fill the filter, turn it off, wait 2 minutes, re-check level. Prefer to keep to upper mark or top of window.

The oddity about the KLR engines is that the oil filter drains back into the sump, mostly or totally depending on whether or not the crankshaft stops near TDC or BDC and whether or not a centerstand or sidestand was deployed and Hot oil accelerates the drain back time.
So before 1st start-up of day always confirm Top of window. But don't be too surprised to see minus an 1/8th inch at gas station 2 blocks from your house, that is still Well Above the low mark so Ride on.

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