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Grab handle for your pig

Those that know me know that if I like something, I'll say so, and vice versa.

Here's one I like.

If you've ridden with me, you can testify that every time I go for a ride I fall down.

Thing is, more often than not I ride alone and I tend to be a bit more cautious when I'm alone 'cuz somebody like SLO-KLR ain't around to pick the thing up off of me and save my poorly skilled butt.

I'll walk (push, pull, cajole, curse) the bike though a really sketchy part if I have to, but I need something to hold onto. My bike has the Turbo City rack on it but that's always covered up with bags and gear and there's only a little hoop I can get a finger through to help hoist the thing along.

I've always wanted something solid to grab onto.

This was something I tumbled onto - it's a center stand handle made by a guy up San Jose way. He advertised it as fitting up through '07 KLRs. I sent him an e-mail asking why it wouldn't fit '08+ bikes. His response was 'I haven't tried it on one, and I'm not gonna advertise it fits something I haven't tried'. Seemed like a pretty forthright response.

We traded a few e-mails. One thing lead to another and I found myself in San Jose at his shop where we installed it. Fits like a champ.

While I haven't had a chance to go get stuck in deep sand, I have lived with it for about three weeks now. I find it very handy, even for pulling the bike into it's narrow parking spot beside the garage where it has to go over a decent size bump.

It's well made from 6061 aluminum. Nicely machined and with an ingenious detent design that solidly holds it either folded up or extended. It's been anodized so it won't get all oxidized and cruddy and the hardware is good stainless stuff. It's really sturdy - you can give it a good yank and trust it.

I don't have a center stand, but it seems just the ticket for pulling the bike up onto one. For me the utility of having a handle on the bike is great. With it folded up I've never noticed it was there, having ridden about 2500 miles with it in place.

It's not terribly spendy at $80 (I don't know what the shipping costs are, as I picked mine up at the shop) for the quality of workmanship that's gone into it.

We installed it in about 5 minutes and it fit very nicely - even with my accessory panel in the way.

You can find it here and get more info. The guy that makes it is really friendly. He's a biker who has ridden a lot of off road and does a fair bit of riding on his K100.

On the mod scale, I rate it

Difficulty 1
Satisfaction 5
Importance 4 (more if you have a center stand, maybe less if you don't fall down a lot)
Cost 6

and give it a solid thumbs up.

Here are a couple of photos


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