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Originally Posted by PA_KLR View Post
Changed both tires today. Front one, no problem, broke the bead with my hands. The rear tire bead wouldn't budge. After looking around at what I had to work with, I came up with an idea that worked great. After putting a large bolt in the chuck of my drill press, I just used it to press (no I didn't turn the drill on) the bead off.

Kinda hard to do that on the road!

I've had rear tire beads hard to break before. I've tried c-clamps, setting a bike's side stand on it, a bench vice, jumping up and down on it, I've even resorted to setting the wheel on 2x4s and running a car over the bead!, that worked great BTW.

What I do now is just keep working a tire iron around the wheel. Might take 10 trips but it will break free. Use some sort of lube, I like Windex.

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