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Originally Posted by mikemoore88 View Post
...and need to get my endorsement but can't insure the bike until I have it. HOw the heck do people get lisenced here??!!
Hey Mike,

I got my license through the motorcycle classes they used to have through either West Oahu or Kapiolani college. Look up the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and drill down to Hawaii. I believe there was a falling out between MSF and Hawaii (among other states) but get the right info. The instructor used to work at the hospital. I'll try and run into him and ask whats' up.

Believe that you can also take a driving test at the DMV. I beleive it's a parking lot test, but again go to the source for the right info.

Yes the pig is heavy. I dropped my 2005 the first time at Jaws in the mud. Also a couple of times in the sand past Honolua Bay.

Did you buy the 2005 that was for sale for around 3K?

I don't get here as often as I should. PM me and we can talk.

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