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Way2Tahoe and Michigan Bar-Latrobe

Yesterday I decided to ride US-50 before the closure on May 11th. Never amazes me how beautiful US-50 is on a sunny low traffic day.
First stop was at a Chevron in Meyers with reminders of Mr Sheriff and Mr CHP stopping by for a snack. Riding north on 89 I stopped at Baldwin Beach for a few photos. It was their first day open. Very nice hosts.
Next was a very full and beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake. Plunked around in 2nd gear at 20 mph at 2,000 rpms. This lake has really grown in the past 20 years.
Headed north with a loop through Cascade Rd. Anything to get close to the Lake.
Next stop was lunch on the porch at Rosie's Cafe in Tahoe City where the Lake can be seen. Good food, coffee and service.
Tahoe traffic was not bad but you go as fast as the slowest vehicle ahead of you. Enjoy the ride with late entries into the corners. Continued clockwise around the Lake until Kingsbury Grade (207) where I headed southeast and down. Wonderful view of the still green and very wet valley. It was windy enough to stand me up in a 60 mph corner. Definitely makes you evaluate fun.
Headed to Topaz Lake on a windy still green 395. Stopped for fuel at a very clean Topaz Lodge Chevron. Inexpensive fuel and friendly people. A beautiful blue Topaz Lake is behind the lodge.
Down the road after the inspection station is a just opened Monitor Pass (CA 89)(8,314 ft el). Playground for a motorcyclist with all the twisties and elevation changes.
Off the mountain and cruising through Markleeville headed for Hwy 88. West on 88 with passes cresting 8,000+ feet my KLR engine was running out of air and I had to keep the engine over 4,500 rpms while climbing. Hooked up with a Nevada Lexus SUV/bicycle on roof rack and that made the gorgeous cold snow covered terrrain frozen lakes more fun.
Dropping off the mountains through small towns and through Jackson. I had picked up a 2up Wing while descending the mountain. Spoke to them at a stop and discovered they were riding from Florida. They were headed to Santa Cruz. I turned on 104 to Ione and they kept riding on 88.
Cruising slowly through Ione passing a School for Boys (prison) and a state prison beautiful landscape headed to Jackson Highway.
The sun was low in the sky but I have been wanting to ride Michigan Bar Rd (asphalt to dirt) and Latrobe Rd (dirt). I don't like being off-road alone and in the dark but... couldn't resist the opportunity. Rough asphalt to a narrow bridge (1.3 miles), hard packed rutted dirt with water crossings (6.7 miles). The asphalt was rough and fast, the bridge was a beautiful setting, the dirt road rutted rocky and fun. I was not that concerned until I found the first larger water crossing. The sun was setting, too far to go back. Parked the KLR, walked into the water up to the tops of my boots to see the best path. My Red Wing 427 boots kept my feet dry and safe (thank you Mark). Crossed though it was deeper than I thought. The next water crossing was easier though I almost tipped over thinking it was easier. The dirt ended .3 of a mile later.
Scott Road has huge Roller Coasters in the first 1.5 miles. Please no deer on the other side. The remaining 6.5 miles is good narrow asphalt twisties with oncoming traffic. That 8 mile section is fun.
The remaining route is US-50 West and Friday night traffic.
385 miles and 10+ hours, a very good day.


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