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Originally Posted by Lockjaw View Post
Before the trip to Etna (1200ish miles total I believe) I cleaned the air filter.

I'm going to do it all over again.

Would you? The only thing I think is overly anal is the air filter since we didn't do any serious dust, just some gravel. I imagine it's still pretty clean...I may skip that if it looks OK.
Let me approach it this way. Isn't it filtering as good or BETTER than when it was cleaned, as things fill the filter element? And if so, then if your MPG is not down due to restriction, wouldn't that mean it's not too dirty?

I know that's a little out there in the wording to make that question short, but I'll usually go between 6,000 and 15,000 miles per air filter cleaning, and my mileage never takes a jump after the clean (I keep good records)... thus it must not have been too dirty / restrictive?

Food for thought. My vote - go ride with that new found hour.


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