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Go for it!

Bought a very slightly used '08 in 09, with about 900 miles (1300 km as I'm metric) THEN got onto the forums and worried about oil usage.
I finished breaking it in with lots of on/off gas. Seemed at first to use oil, particulary when running higher speeds (+4500-5000 RPM on highway) but it seems to have settled down nicely now. I'm at about 6200 mi, mostly last year as it's just starting to warm and dry up this summer where I live.
Love it, I'll never sell this bike, even IF I eventually buy something heavier to ride with some friends who all have big cruisers. I do lots of secondary highways, backroads etc.
Only complaint I have about it is that is is sensitive to side wind, being so tall and top heavy. but I even ride in town
PS: If you're going to do longer distances, consider an aftermarket seat. Mine came with a Sargent already on it. plus the stock. I thought "I don't need a special seat, took it off, intending to sell it for a few bucks. Rode for 4-5 hours later that day, and wondered why I wasn't as confortable as my first few outings. Put the Sargent on the next ride day, went even longer at about 350 miles, and was very comfy. Forget about selling it for a few bucks, and left it mounted. In my opinion, it totally changes the comfort level of the bike, at least for me, and is a bit wider back where your weight sits. (Guess I'm a big A$$)
Have fun, ride safe. I think if your a sledder, it's a perfect cross-over type bike!
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