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Some years ago, while working temporally at a appliance repair shop, where they had a small pond in front, ducks would frequent that pond. People would feed them but you couldn’t get near them.
One morning we saw several people chasing a duck around. The duck had his/her head in one of those plastic 6 pack holders. All morning we saw some one trying to get hold of that duck, but nobody could get near it.
Never did know if it was freed from that plastic.

Now another “true story”.
While “parking” in a sand pit with my girl, ( I was 19 at the time ) We herd a “tinkling” sound. I put the car lights on, and saw a skunk coming towards and under the car.
I opened my drivers door and right under my door sill, the skunk came out from under the car. It had it’s head stuck inside a small baby food jar.

I guess littering is a national pass time!

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