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spark, air, and fuel = combustion. you have to missing one of them. please expand on 'has spark', 'getting fuel'. even if your plug is fouled you should get intermitent combustion (sputtering) as long as your voltage is ok (try a fresh battery). its possible that your coil is crap, but again if you are getting spark you should get some combusion. plugs are cheap and u need a spare anyway . where have you determined there is fuel? check fuel delivery in the carb. drain the float and see if there is fuel in there. then turn the tank back on and choke and crank a bit. then check the bowl again. carb cleaner does not burn well at all as a fuel, try starter fluid much better combustion. (if you spray carb cleaner in a running engine it will falter, starter fluid and it will run faster). float may be stuck in the carb? possibly plugged idle jet. might be worth pulling off after checking a couple things. if yo have glass fuses change them all even if the look good (dont ask how long it took me to track down a bad fuse that looked good and tested good but failed under load). fresh gas? my $.02

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