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Normk 12-23-2014 06:20 PM

Impulse Jackets
Check out this innovative idea:

Only problem is that they only make leather look jackets. Maybe they will move into a vest later on or might be worth making my own vest?

I had to cringe during the demo ride though. Left signal going and moved to the right curb. Just asking for someone to try to pass.....bad dog!

Tom Schmitz 12-23-2014 07:14 PM

I like this idea. I think it would be more successful, in terms of units sod, if it were a kit you could add to any jacket with bits for the helmet.

In looking into it, I found a 14-year-old patent on the idea (though it was wired) and also found a bicycle application ready that was ready to go four years ago.

I would think that it would be fairly easy to add a module to the bike that has a Bluetooth connection to the lights, and lights that are easily sewn onto a jacket and lights that stick onto a helmet.

I'd buy it.

A good find, Norm.


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