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tntom 02-27-2016 08:02 PM

Warm jacket and pants
I need some warm windproof gear. Looking at the Fly Terra Terk jacket and there Butane pants. Anyone ever use them?


frostbitevinnie 02-27-2016 08:57 PM

The terra trek 3 looks OK but no direct venting past the liner. It does have minimal venting which I have found typical unless you spend $900 ++ for a Klim. The "adjustable snaps on the arms are minimal. The trek 4 seems the way to go. Velco adjustments on the arms as opposed to snaps. Really nice big direct vents on the front and shoulders but I'm not sure about the vents on the back. YKK sippers with parking garage is a nice feature. It is nice that there is a pocket on the back to store the removable liner.

I would say the trek 4 is a nice slam dunk winner and $179 at revzilla now.

Fly Terra Trek 4 Jacket - RevZilla

The pants also seem really nice. 3 way adjustment for the knee pads, two way zipper on the legs is a nice feature as well. My fieldsheer pants are almost identical and having the two way zipper is really nice for hot days. I have ridden with just my pants and shorts in temps close to freezing for 10 hours and was just fine. The only think I see that I don't like about the pants is snaps on the front as opposed to a catch. Snaps tend to come unsnapped where a catch does not.

If these discontinued pants fit you I would say snatch them up! $119 at da zilla.

FWIW, I never wear pants under my riding pants and I did get a size smaller because of this. I wear a belt and find it too cumbersome and hot while riding, especially any type of adventure riding. To take up some of the slack I wear suspenders with the pants. I do wear shorts and it is nice when stopped to just take the pants off and have instant cool on the legs cuz I have shorts on.

Fly Butane Pants - RevZilla

drtrider 02-28-2016 05:04 AM

I can't help much at this point I just ordered the Terra Treck 4 jacket and should have it mid week. It was in my price range and has all the features I was looking for or (hope it does) M.C.Superstore has a leap year deal of 15% off so at $152.00 I bit. when I get it I will post a review of it for you to let you know what I think.

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