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Off road boot suggestions wanted

Yup. I waited too long, boogered up my leg and NOW am looking at boots. There's nothing quite like a fresh injury to help you overlook boot prices. lol. I did some research, but it seems boots get revamped fairly often, so I thought I'd ask fresh.

What do you have? What did you love/hate about them? What were you impressed/ disappointed with?

I've got my eye on a couple different boots, but I'd like to hear your thoughts first. I wish I could touch a boot before ordering. Online videos and reviews are so hard to trust.
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I sure hope your handle has nothing to do with your incident. Also I hope your not to injured.
I picked up a pair of dirt bike boots at a garages sale. I use these for serious trails. Paid $20.
Warm and dry they are.
For the less serious local and work excursions I have a pair of Steel toe Doc Martins pull-ons. I've scuffed a few rocks with them and barley felt it. Plus they are used for work so I deduct them!! The ankles are padded extra.

Be careful and ride-on!!!
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Sidi Adventure Rain Boots.

Well made, comfortable, waterproof (breathable membrane); have HINGED design protecting ankle, like top-of-the-line motocross boots.

Expensive? Yes. Effective protection, crash-worthy? Yes; please don't ask me how I know this!
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I wear the Forma Adventure low and love them, saved my hiny on 2 occasions and find them comfortable to walk in ...
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Thanks for the input, guys!

Squidly, lol no, my ribs are fine, thanks

I got caught between my bike and a rotting tree stump and crushed my right, lower leg pretty well. Up the back side of my calf are three large raspberries ( about 3'' diameter each) and one cut that just got away without needing stitches...still keeping a close eye on that one as it has opened up on me twice today. Around front, on the inner part of my knee I lost a silver dollar sized patch of skin that got left behind on the muffler ( ew, i know). However, the worst part is actually the swelling. My right lower leg,knee to ankle, is 1.5' in circumference larger than my healthy one. It's big. I dont say all that for pity ( I was the one dumb enough to ride unprotected) I say all that to emphasize how important gear is. I never leave home without gear,ever, but it's easy to get complacent when you " aren't even leaving home"...learnt my lesson!

For the record, here is the boot I was in when I went down. It is a heavy boot and I know it protected my ankle, but I think it's obvious I should be riding in a tall, full coverage boot. My skid plate was laying on my foot and I could easily feel the weight of the bike before lifting it off. Strictly my opinion, but heavy work boots just aren't enough. After all, I was doing less than 2-3 mph when I went down

Damocles! You hit the nail on the head! Full coverage off road boots and nothing less. I'd love to pick your brain about your Sidi's as they were one of the 3 boots that were highest on my want list. Your boots, by far, seem to have the best soles for walking off road and the slimmest buckles. Do you have any complaints on the soles? Are they soft enough to grip pavement well when stopped? I've got a pair of Alpinestars street boots whose soles are so hard I've nearly dropped bikes in intersection due to lack of traction. One other thing I was curious about the Adventure Rain, does the upper calf on the inside of the boot have any armor or just the leather heat shield? Also, due to not having upper buckles, can you fit them under pant legs? I'm really glad you chimed in!

The three boots I'm looking at now are all over the chart as far as price.

1:Alpinestars Tech 1 All Terrian- ~$200: Not as nice as a sole as the Sidi's, but they are welted and half the price. The lowest buckle protrudes kinda bad. They have a very basic hinge, but at least it is hinged! A hinged ankle at $200 is a great bargain IMO, and the upper, inner calf does have armor, which is something I want to help in the event of a bike laying on my leg. When I was a teenager this was the most common way I'd find myself after a dump. Apparently still is...

TCX Track Evo WP- ~$275: WP= waterproof and it's my understanding that they are basically submersible. They have a great looking sole design and nice looking buckles. I feel like they lack ankle support, but I can't really tell much just looking online.

3: Sidi Adventure Rain = ~$400. Won't waste your time elaborating, but don't see paying the price difference to bump up to the Gore-tex model.

Crash report if interested:

I am super impressed with the Alpinestar Tech 1 for the price. I'm not made of money...I don't really want to drop $400 or more on a boot, but $400 is still cheaper than a trip to the ER and I'm pretty sure I'm old enough now that I won't outgrow any boot I buy now I just got over a broken ankle about 2 months ago. That's one set of Dr bills and time away from work that I don't intend to put myself through again, if I can help it.

Thanks again for the input. Sorry for the long-winded post, just putting it out there where my head is at.
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I have the Gortex version of the Sidi Adventure Rain boots. Here is my opinion on your questions regarding the boots.

Soles: Very nice to walk in. Soft enough for good grip on pavement.

Calf Armor: Just the leather, really thick and tough leather. The shin has a plastic armor piece, but not the calf itself.

Fitting under pant legs is not a problem for me. It's the only way I wear the boot. I've never tried to tuck something into the boot, so can't comment on wearing them that way.

I haven't experienced the same scenario with the boots that you describe. However, I have been down riding off road a number of times, and I went down at 60 mph on the highway last fall. The boots have protected my feet, ankles, and lower legs extremely well. I've not sustained a single injury to those parts of my body while wearing the boots. That's my experience. I don't think any boot will be 100% infallible in all situations.

Good luck with the recovery!
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The Sidi Adventure Rain Boot is armored up to the shin, as far as I can tell. The Velcro upper closure allows the boot to be worn under the trouser leg, but . . . who's going to spend $ 400 for boots and then hide 'em?

I chose the Sidi proprietary membrane, vs. the Gore-Tex, honoring the KLRista''s vow of FRUGALITY. So far, haven't felt technologically-impaired from using the lower-cost alternative.

Whichever Sidi model you might buy, at no extra cost, you receive continuous SQUEAKING when you walk in this footwear. Your taste in fashion and quality is announced to everyone in your vicinity, where you walk. Some temporary attenuation is available from liberal application of Lexol, but . . . as mentioned, the quieting effect is TEMPORARY.

Sole surface softness? No problem with traction; all bets are off regarding gravel on a paved surface, you understand.

Three riding partners of mine have saved considerable money by purchasing Sidi Adventure Rain Boots from Europe; all European models have Gore-Tex liners, I understand. I think a UK vendor has the boots shipped to the buyers, at a considerable savings from stocking US vendors. That said, I've found customer service from REVZilla OUTSTANDING; they've got 'em on the shelf, and returns/adjustments are most convenient.

I won't try to defend Sidis from claims of boots, "Just as good as" they might be. I can only be thankful for the protection afforded me in a couple of lay-downs at considerable speed on back roads. No injury to leg or foot, after sliding down the roadway some distance with a KLR650 atop the extremities. YMMV!

Perhaps my greatest hazard in Sidi ownership is: Justifying the acquisition to the WIFE! "Four hundred dollars for a pair of BOOTS?" Let me tell you, the number and price of the footwear in HER closet is of no relevance whatsoever, comparing the purchase of motorcycle boots! No parity whatsoever exists in a relationship, I warn you.
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Boots are one thing where you do get what you pay for. I have two pair, a set of Alpinestar Tech 8's for offroad which were $700.00 or so and a set of Forma Adventures for less severe duty. For years I rode with cheap $200.00 MX boots until I tried the Alpinestars and the difference was night and day; I actually would wear them around after a race instead of ripping them off at the first opportunity and they were waterproof in every instance.......downside is that they are expensive, heavy and you wouldn't want to walk far in them. The Formas seem like a reasonable compromise and are light and comfortable with decent tread for walking.....I think they were around $325 CAN. SIDI makes good boots and out of the three you mention, those would be my choice.

2 cents,
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Thanks for the input guys. And thanks a bunch for the extra info on the SIDI's.

I checked out the Forma Adventure and ,damn, that's a sharp looking boot! I may end up with a pair of those when I get the dedicated street bikes going again. I'd almost feel guilty getting such a nice looking boot dirty.

I can make a lot of things at home, but boots aren't one of them. It did dawn on me, however, that if the only thing holding me back from the SIDI's is the lack of inner calf armor, well, that may be something I can easily add myself. I really love the hinge on that boot. I can't imagine adding a panel the boot could be that difficult.

The MX boots I owned as a teen were barely basically like wearing a 3" PVC pipe around your leg. Nothing could get at you. I guess I'm just surprised that more boots aren't made this way.

Damocles, I found that eBay seller you mentioned. It's roughly $350 for the goretex model +$35 for shipping. So, actually cheaper! I got a good laugh out of what you said about "her" shoe collection. lol. She was shocked at the prices in general, not just the high end stuff. I mentioned about her shoe collection and got the look. You hit the nail on the head haha

It's a shame there aren't more boots available with work boot style soles on them. Oh well...

Thanks again for answering my questions and not feeling like I was insulting your choice of boot, or trying to point out flaws. Looks like I'll be investing in some SIDI's. Darn boots cost half as much as the bike!
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Oh, one more thing. Did you find SIDI's sizing chart to be accurate? Any complaints about the toe being too narrow?
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