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Tom Schmitz 02-25-2018 07:56 PM

Got Cold?
Tucano Urbano Gaucho

Sometimes I crack myself up. I'm going to head over to Frazier Park and Pine Mountain Club and find some snow.

pdwestman 02-26-2018 11:16 AM

Cool, errr. WARM! Still sewing your wild I oats, I see.

Are the 'Leggings' attached to the Tank Vest?

My brother Eric has done the same thing with a blanket on an ATV, to keep his knees warmer/drier while plowing snow.

Tom Schmitz 02-26-2018 12:31 PM

When I was last n Europe it was just before Christmas. I saw few motorcycles out, but the locals were still riding their bicycles and scooters. Many of the scooters had these things fitted.

It is a heavy Cordura sheet that has a heavy fake fur lining on the inside. It is supposed to attach to the triple tree, the rotation of the forks not much affecting the cape and the cape not much affecting the rotation of the forks, but I secured it to the fairing sub-frame.

The leading edge of the cape is turned under and, as it drapes over the tank, forms a leg fairing. Towards the bottom of the cape there is both a heat-resistant cork sheet and an embedded piece of soft metal that can be formed to make the leg fairings into the desired shape. The bottom of the cape has three buckles on each side which can be used, with long straps, to secure and shape the bottom of the cape. The straps are designed to either go under the frame or attach to the frame. They provide straps with metal cables in case you have to run the straps near hot stuff.

I made up some straps that connect to the IMS' tank strut under the radiator and to the engine guard. On the right the straps all run to the engine guard.

There are two inflatable bladders that are at the trailing edge of the cape that are just about in the thigh area. These are designed to eliminate flapping in the wind. The back edge of the cape is designed to cover your chest and has a strap that goes around your neck, sort of like a shop apron.

The cape is designed to be warm and wind and rain-proof.

This is the R118 model which was designed, though universal, for the BMW GS. This is the one they recommended for the KLR and it does seem to be a good fit. Even with the tank vest in place and all its bags, it covers well.

Riding it about town, it is pretty comfortable.

We have a storm front coming in and the weather in the Grapevine and parts north into Santa Barbara county are projected to be in the 20's to 30's with a few inches of snow.

Seems a good excuse to go get cold. The Grapevine and I have a long-running February history...

Tom Schmitz 02-28-2018 05:33 PM

That thing works pretty good! I left at 5am, so it was even cold here (for here). Rode up the grade to Frazier Park, then Pine Mountain Club, and on to Mt. Pinos. Took Cerro Noroeste past the sign that said "Chains Required - 25mph" out to 166 and into Maricopa, then back up the Grapevine to Gorman. Got on a little back road over to 138, then to Three Corners, Pine Canyon, Elizabeth Lake, Bouquet Canyon, Vasquez Canyon, Sand Canyon, Soledad Canyon, Little Tujunga Canyon, then slabbed it the rest of the way home.

Ambients were 30 to 40 until Maricopa, then 50 to 60 the rest of the way. Stupid oil ran in the low 170s most of the time.

The Tocano kept my legs and torso warm just fine. I was expecting more engine heat, but it didn't happen. Might be nice if it did. The only thing that got cold was my fingers. Gotta work on that...

Mt. Pinos

And I didn't get killed. Not even once.

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