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Announcements in Forum : Gadgets & Gizmos
02-15-2017 until 01-01-2020
Tom Schmitz
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New Members! Read this!

Hello and welcome to the forum; we're really glad to have you here and want to make your time here enjoyable.

The rules are simple. The members here are a really great bunch of folks and we all get along because we look at our participation here as if we were gathered with friends around a campfire after a day's ride. We treat one another with respect and act towards one another just as we would in person. That's how we run it today and it seems to be working.

A long time ago the original forum owner set up these rules: http://www.klrforum.com/forum-news-s...ules-page.html and these are the "official rules". It's pretty much the 'campfire' in stronger language.

We don't have forbidden topics and we aren't heavy-handed with moderation as we figure mature people know how to conduct themselves well. We let the forum run on personal integrity and don't send people to Banned Camp lightly. We've done it, but not very often. Haven't needed to.

We don't have much tolerance for spams and scams, though. One measure that we took a long time ago was to require that new members have 15 posts under their belt before they are allowed to post links and pictures. Believe it, it works to keep spammers away.

It's not hard to make the 15 posts; you can do it by responding to any of the current topics. We're glad to hear from you!

There is an easier way, though, if you prefer. We have this thread: Please put your test posts here where you are free to rack up 15 posts as fast as you can make them.

And, by all means, please let us know you're here by making a post in this thread: http://www.klrforum.com/introduction...r-profile.html

And, when you fill in your profile, please include your location. It makes it a lot easier for the rest of us when responding to requests for information and help.

Then we recommend that you browse around the forum and take a look at some of the stickied posts. You'll find a lot of good information on new ownership, how to post pictures, and so on.

Again, welcome to KLRForum!
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