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Back on a bike after 14 years

Well the wife forced me to buy a bike this weekend, ended up with a Blue 2012 KLR650 & love it. My name is Chris, been married 19 years tomorrow & have 2 boys ages 13 & 16. I live in Bakersfield California & like target shooting, camping & now that I finally have one riding my new bike.
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Posts: 215 they still let people shoot guns in CA?
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Oh? My word! I live in the exact nasty non-brethable ag air city myself! I just signed on here, made my intro and here I am. I suppose you purchased your new bike at Valley? I have been over there so many times I think they hate me for eating so many of their donuts!

After all? Why buy them if an old goat like me can figure ah place to fetch-em for free! Right now I own a Ranger Rzr, and it is a kick in the bow hind to drive as I don't worry much about falling over. And I might add, it gives me the illusion of immaginary desert racing as I once spent hours wishing I were Steve McQueen blasting the Baja across the sands of Mexico... those were the days. The 70's.

I think its funny as hell your wify making you get yoh-self ah toy! I find that hilarious! A good women is a lifetime of endless diamonds in that they literally read our minds before we speak more like murmur our thought...

38 Years this Augest, she already bought her Anniversary gift in advance. Simple aye?

I look forward to reading what your thoughts are of the KLR... I know the Marines' use em, even have multi-fueled capable KLR's utilized as forward recon fast movers. I suppose speed and zig-zagging would avoid bullets flying in one's direction, but I haven't read much in the annals of gunfighting atop a motorbike recently.

As I am writing this under the influence of Crown Royal, I will close my dribble here with, be safe, do stay well out of the target zone of Bakersfield's finest idiots behind the wheel. After all, just because they have no license, no registration, no insurance, means L.E. can no longer impound said vehicles all because their economically disadvantaged people, and illegally here...

The others? Well their busy texting, doing makeup, eating, putting in another DVD for the kids they wish not to have discussion, an driving like maniacs because the Hamster wheel moves faster...

FOOD for thought.

LOL Dark Humor you say? Yeah think?

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RLF, yea believe it or not we can still shoot here lol. Just gotta find ways around to be able to get AR's Ak's & beltfed guns legally (bullet buttons & nothing more than 10 round belts).
Garbinator, air is really good here isn't it lol. I got mine from Fred Cummins on Chester, went in to see if I could even get on it (height wise) & was "pushed" into trying for financing by the wife & got it 0down & 3.9% financing. The salesman even delivered it to the house since I went in wearing shorts, a tshirt & tennis shoes (trying to be comfortable in 100 degree temps lol). Got to put a few miles on it today though. Don't get me going on the people herding their cars down the road here, brainsuckers, aka cellphones in constant use lol.
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You know bud? one thing I know? Do not let your heart be troubled over weapons laws, haul whatever you own legal or not to Five Dogs, blast all you want and have fun, believe me, they don't give a rats bow-hind if it meets any reg. Full auto? Don't know except when we did a tactical shoot with SWAT back when.

I personally know D.A.'s whom have collections of AR's and AK's, even SKS's and FALS I know damned well are not registered etc etc. Thus far, it is mouth closed, do as you will, in the event one is caught with his pants down, insist on a JURY trial. Lisa Green would cringe at such an insistence...

I am most happy for your recent purchase, I believe I actually eyed your bike a couple of weeks ago after eating at Lorains...

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Originally Posted by RLF View Post they still let people shoot guns in CA?
Believe it or not we both live in a purdy conservative county, however, the current geopolitical populace is rapidly changing at an altime alarming rate. We just have to many here whom care little about building or creating a better California... out-of control crime, drugs, corruption, high taxes, Air Resources Board, Pandering to our states least non-productive entitlement culture continues to out-strip, even out source a once viable, healthy and beautiful Golden State.


One can and will find good people, but it seems to come with spastic hordes of non-citizens. With this invasion, comes with it mounds and mounds of displaced persons, housing trepidations, medical shortages, power outages, now even drinking water is threatened. I did not even get into Agriculture issues.

Gun rights on the other hand can become a rather lengthly commentary for this highly opinionaded ol' fart. As I equate responsible gun rights just as important as my being a RESPONSIBLE citizen whom, knowing in my heart, I police my individuality~my actions and interactions with others, based on a foundation our founders speak to as our God given (IE Our/Your Creator) or FREE-WILL to choose, keeping in my mind, my heart the realization of an afterlife, conversely being that of judgment day.

The Nature of man. The goodness of man. Then of course the despotic of man, a topic our forefather's feared the most.

As in tyranny. To much power has a tendency to corrupt those with even a smitten of power, I in all honestly have been down that route myself a time or two, Realizing it and acting upon it can come and go with the imperfections of our choices. I always tried my best to forget the letter of the law, instead, I did my humanly best, by Nature, to act on my Moral convictions. As a Christian, it can be seriously challenging.

As an American, you live with it, subsequently, one must get up and return to the fight, even if he is knocked down, you must somehow manage to re-engage not for Patriotism, but for the man next to you, your left and your right and those crawling ahead. Rather on the field of battle, or in the halls of legislature, we all need to take a stand and insist even mandate our elected people to move back on course, as their compass heading has become flawed, perilously off course heading for the rocks. We do this just as the original colonists gathered so many years ago, to voice and jeer their grievances, their British sovereign, the King of England.

Which brings to mind? What of our King in the White House today?

Moving on.

Being Californian, has had me on defense for many ah year, but, I suppose one could make the case for a hard-headed willingness to stand... air my grievances whenever wherever both in writing, as well as through public discourse. I do catch heat, I make many of the young very uncomfortable, even fearful as I insist they answer my question/s for example, they speak of Judgement, or judging others. My continued prodding exposes serious communications barriers our progressive world has all but blighted We the People into a sort of beat-downness as diversity has altered our voices to that of a mutant, possibly as located on our remote control, the Mute button, only its been Installed by the new age establishment to such depth dangerously leading our citizens into states of mental frailty lacking sadly in taking a stand, stemming the tide towards creativity both as an individual, as well as the workplace. Hard work, even the pursuit of happiness has been and still remains an everyday Nanny fed menu.

I'm sorry all, I got carried way again...

Gun Rights, or disarming the highest form of our Government, the Citizens, guarantees us a despot, a tyrant our once formed perfect Union warned us of.

Now? its up to us to keep it.

I shall return to my studies now, as a horribly dyslexic man, I yearn to know more about our Forefathers, as I personally find them to be brilliant men for their time.

And, that is my opinion.

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Originally Posted by jmabbott888 View Post
Well the wife forced me to buy a bike this weekend, ended up with a Blue 2012 KLR650 & love it. My name is Chris, been married 19 years tomorrow & have 2 boys ages 13 & 16. I live in Bakersfield California & like target shooting, camping & now that I finally have one riding my new bike.

Welcome to the forum!

I'm in Ridgecrest. Lots of fun roads between us: Bodfish/Caliente, 155 (Glennville), Mountain Hwy 99 (Kern River road), Sherman Pass road, etc. Ideal for the KLR. Pashnit is a good site for California motorcycle road info. Here's his write up on a road in the area Road 23S16

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Cor 2:9
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A small world...

I took a gander at your link... very interesting as over the many years I have meandered around the area. With gas prices the way they've been, I have not recently spent much time like I wished I could... I believe the other being few listed in my personal phonebook wish to be separated from their plasmas for very long. Back-country exploration is not exactly priority as it once was.

I guess people change over the years.

The lone Grey Wolf, the only game

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Welcome to the forum...Never been to CA so cannot comment but I know that state impacted how lean my carb is running in my KLR all the way on the other side of the continent in a different country.

Guns, whats that?
Your friendly neighbourhood Canuck
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post #10 of 11 Old 07-17-2012, 02:48 PM Thread Starter
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Location: Bakersfield California
Posts: 85
Thanks fro the welcome. Spec, lots of places to ride, just waiting to get the bike somewhat broke in first, then gotta find a place (thinking Rancheria from 178 going towards 155) that is an easy dirt ride to get my feet wet so-to-speak. Still getting used to being back on 2 wheels on the street lol. Fradsham, Kalifornistan has a bad habit of doing that, my apologies from the state of confusion. Haven't been up that far on the east of Canada, only into central Quebec & into New Brunswick, beatiful country from what I have seen though.
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