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Help please.

I am overwhelmed. I just purchased a well farkled KLR. I have been looking for a helmet and good multipurpose jacket. I do not wish to spend a lot, but also want comfort and quality. The choices out there are dizzying. I plan to to do casual non-pavement riding and some pavement. Probably 70% off pavement (country roads). Suggestions anyone? I am looking at and trying on a new AFX-FX39 helmet Friday which I can get for $100.00. The price seems good, but I wanted to hear from some of you about that helmet or other suggestions. I was also looking at the Tourmaster Flex2 or tourmaster transition 2 jackets. Again I would like a multipurpose jacket that I can were in warmer summer and cooler fall weather. Any thoughts on one these jackets or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Of course if anyone has a great deal for a used large jacket for sale and/or large helmet, that meets the above stated needs I would like to hear from you. I welcome not having to pay new prices.

Thanks for your time.
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I like tourmasters stuff and have always had good luck with it. HJC makes good quality basic helmets. is your friend. They have a massive clearance section with insane deals. And they do a little write up of every product. They are good people.

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Congratulations on picking up a well farkled KLR.

Helmets. For many years, I thought a helmet was a helmet was a helmet. My biggest concern was getting by the legal requirements, which usually weren't much more than appearing to have an approved legal brain bucket. Fit? As long as it stayed on my head, and didn't hinder my vision much, it was a keeper. The color? If didn't cause me to defend my sexuality when I got off the bike, it was a keeper. For years, I was a member of ABATE, an organization committed to fighting government intrusion on rider's rights to choose what they wore [or didn't wear] for safety equipment, and other riding issues.

Time and miles have revealed some things to me about helmets. The biggest revelation was that I needed to be wearing one. Above all else, including price, color, and style, the helmet must fit my head. We all don't have the same shape of head, and helmet manufacturers don't make a lot of options available in each model they sell. For instance, the AFX-FX39 helmet you mention is reviewed and reported to be a low priced, adequate helmet. The problem for me with it is when I put it on, I can spin my whole head around like Linda Blair did in the Exorcist, and my ears will never touch the inside of the helmet. It is a well built, value priced helmet, that doesn't offer me a lick of comfort or protection, due to the shape of my head. No fault of the helmet or manufacturer.

I find this to be a helpful article on the topic of helmets:

I'd encourage you to set aside a rigid price limit, and find the helmet that offers you the best protection. That's why we wear those God-awful things. I take with a grain of salt any helmet review that doesn't take into account the fact that the review is based on the shape and description of the reviewer's head. Look into what a professional football player goes through to be fitted for helmets and the costs. And they don't high side at 60.

For everything else, I hit the one stop shopping emporium of the current century, EBAY. Fit can be determined at the brick and mortar boutiques, and then I hunt for the products of impulse buying on line, where all I need to be is to the highest bidder. The impulse buyer paid for the hype and marketing, I only pay what I feel is the value of the product.

Lock Jaw mentioned Tour Master products, and I 'd like to echo that. As long as the item fits you well, I think you'll find their products, including their Cortech line, to offer protection, durable and value priced.

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+3 on the Tourmaster products. I have the Transitions 2 jacket and I love it. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase any of their products.

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Vatrader, you and I must be on opposite ends of the spectrum. I require at least a 3xxx helmet in any I have tried.

I have always supported groups like ABATE in principal. I still do. Now, I am going to wear a helmet, but I believe uncle nanny needs to butt out. If we let the government have a say in one personal decision like that, it is not far until government asserts authority in all personal decisions. Look at Bloomberg in NYC with table salt. Look at most states now with no smoking in bars and restaurants. I support no smoking in public buildings such as government courthouses etc. But the ones I mentioned are privately owned. I can CHOOSE to go there or not. Look how government has arrested parents for negligence when because of religious concerns, they have not allowed life saving treatment for a child. Now I happen to think the parents were nuts, but how long will it be until government wants to arrest someone because they aren't walking the line with their child pertaining to a non- life threatening issue? My 4 year old daughter was at the babysitter and phrased a statement about me disciplining her in a very unfortunate way. Now my daughter had no malace at all. Yet, a ninny of a woman picking her child up called the police on me. The police came to my house. My wife and daughter had to go to the hospital for my daughter to be examined. abuse at all was found. After talking to her asking her about it in different ways, the situation with my daughters communicative limits at 4 years became clear. Even after the police, who were utterly professional, were satisfied, I had to put up with child protective services for two months after that. Finally, they were satisfied that no abuse had occurred. Then I got a bill from the hospital for a visit mandated by the state. Now, I am fighting that. Now tell me it has not gone too far when it isn't good enough for the police to be happy.

So yes, I support cutting down governmental authority wherever possible. A few bashed skulls from bike accidents and the tragic deaths or abuses of a few even if they are kids does not justify the encroachment of government on liberty. Usually sexual and physical abuse can be determined by a doctor. If the doc says no abuse, let it go. To let liberty be eaten away to protect 'the children' is to abuse those children for their entire lives.

Sorry about that. I am really sensitive to the dangers of abuses of power.
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Transition II,I really like mine.A bit warm when riding my goldwing in the heat of summer,but the venting should work well on the KLR where i catch a lot more wind.

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Originally Posted by efigalaxie View Post
....Yet, a ninny of a woman picking her child up called the police on me....
That "ninny" actually showed a lot of courage to get involved in a POTENTIAL situation detrimental to the health and welfare of a young child. Many others faced with a similar situation would have remained silent. Silence can kill. Sure, your situation was benign, and intervention un-neccessary - what criteria should the person in question have used to make a better decision?

Highjack over...

OP - vatrader raises very good points, you should investigate his links.

If you have a $10.00 head, protect it with a $10.00 helmet, but however much your head is worth to you, the money will only be well-spent if the helmet is comfortable to wear for longer than 10 minutes.

"If you simply take up the attitude of defending a mistake, there will be no hope of improvement."
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Originally Posted by Lockjaw View Post
Oh, and I ran two quarts of hot oil through before filling her up cause I'm anal.
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Originally Posted by Lockjaw View Post is your friend. They have a massive clearance section with insane deals. And they do a little write up of every product. They are good people. is now, but they are still the same bunch of nice folks. They are just right down the road from me, so although they do not have a showroom, they will still let you come make your purchase at the counter and try your stuff on to make sure it fits. I have purchased several things from them over the years and have nothing but good things to say about them.


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Yettidog, vatrader as always has made some very valid points. One point made that I want to drive home is the shape of your melon. I purchased a HJC Symax II skid lid and found that even though it seemed to fit fine in the store, after an hour on the bike it gave me such a headache from the pressure point at my forehead, that I felt nauseous. After actually taking the time to research helmets, I learned that folks melons have three basic shapes; round oval, intermediate oval and long oval. The HJC turned out to be suited for the round oval head and I happen to have a medium oval. Ended up with an Arai XD3 and am totally comfortable now. Anthony from does a fine job of reviewing helmets and putting things into perspective as far as what to expect from each brand and model.

What shape is you melon? I have a little worn white HJC Symax II (size Large) that I can't wear!

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Do most of you wear "regular" helmets, or the non-flip up "off road" big chin helmets? With goggles?


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