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Got off with a warning

Forgive me KLR brothers & sisters. Have been laboring under the assumption that our beloved steed is a bit anemic on the highway. In actuality if appears to be a stealth missile. Was officially informed today by the local LEO that 5000 rpm on flat ground equals 75 mph. News to me but didn't seem to be in my best interest to argue. Did get off with a warning. (speedo cable snapped last week but that's another story).

09 KLR 650
06 DL 1000
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It's the look. If those plastics said ZX6R instead of KLR you'd be helping them meet their quota. I've been pulled (and ticketed) regularly and repeatedly for extremely minor infractions when I rode a GSXR. Now with a KLR I have run 55 in a 35 while going around a curve standing on the pegs and got off with a halfhearted warning.
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Yea I've had the same results, after the what is that thing and O "it has license and insurance", comes the slow down and have a nice day.
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Hence the reason ALL of my motorcycles have a GPS mount, and I consider it gospel when it comes to speed..
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I apparently caught a township officers attention the other morning.
I was on my way to work (on the KLR). I was doing about 55 in a 45 zone and a township officer was set up running radar. I saw him sitting along the road but I didnt think anything of it because Ive never been bothered before and I was doing the same speed as the rest of the traffic. Anyway, as I went by him he stuck his arm out the window and waved is finger at me and motioned me to slow down. I guess that is considered a "non-verbal warning" . Im glad he didnt decide to stop me but I wonder why he chose to wave his finger at me and not the rest of the traffic. Sometimes I wonder if people question the legality of a "dirt bike" looking motorcycle on the roads.

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Johnny Law pulled me over a couple of months ago. Seems on my way home from off-roading I had obscured the license plate with mud. Completely covered. I wiped it off with a rag while he ran my info through the system. He let me go with a warning. I think he really just wanted a better look at the sidecar rig.

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This wasn't on my KLR, but it's a good story.

My soon-to-be-wife and I had been dating a short time and we were both living in the East Bay area in California. She had been wanting to ride since she was a kid and dating a "bad boy" rider was the perfect excuse to get a bike. We found a nice clean Ninja EX250 for a good price and went to pick it up. I was going to ride it home since she had not finished her MSF yet.

Anyway, riding across the Richmond/San Mateo bridge the speedo dropped to zero. Apparently the cable backed out of the speedo housing. Now this little 250 is hauling around my 250 lb frame and it clearly has not run in some time and is in need of a tuning. Just before I get to my exit a large flatbed delivery truck changes lanes and I have to swerve to avoid being turned into fender-meat. Just as I exit to go to my apartment, I hear "woop! woop!" behind me. I check the mirrors and sure enough, Officer Friendly of the CHP is pulling me over. I immediately stop on the ramp, turn off the bike, put the side stand down and take off my gloves (running from the cops is not uncommon in California, and I wanted him to know I was staying put). He sat in his car for a few minutes and it looked like he was writing something in his book.

When he got out it went something like this:

"I pulled you over today for your speed and swerving through traffic. Also, your tags are expired. License, registration and proof of insurance."
*hand him my license* "I don't have an insurance card for this bike yet because we got it about 10 minutes ago, but my insurance covers any vehicle I operate and I have automatic 30 days of coverage for a new purchase."
"Do you have an insurance number or something showing that?"
"Sure, here you go." - I hand him my plastic insurance card with all their phone numbers and my member number printed on it. "I can call or pull up their website on my phone if you need to see my policy limits and coverage, but I assure you that I am over-insured."
*He stares at me for a second, then crosses something off his ticket pad*
"Do you have a bill of sale?"
*hand him bill of sale and the old title*
"Your tags are out of date, I have to cite you for that."
"Before I picked it up I called the DMV and they said I had 15 days to get tags."
"You still have to have current tags to operate it on the road, or you have to trailer it."
"I can't trailer a bike with a Civic, sir. If you would like, I have my notes regarding my call to the DMV at home, including the name of the person I spoke to. I did check if getting it home would be ok and I was told it was acceptable by a California DMV representative. If this information was not accurate, I apologize. It sounds like the DMV might be confused as to what the law is. I'm sure if I bring in my notes regarding the call the judge will see that I tried to obey the law as it was explained to me by a state employee."
*he stares at me again, then crosses something off his ticket pad.*
"Back there you were weaving through traffic, that's reckless driving and changing lanes without a signal."
"Was this around the time that big truck changed lanes?"
"Yes, you passed the truck."
"I'm sure you noticed that the truck changed lanes without looking and I had to swerve to avoid him. I believe the law says I have to do everything possible to avoid a crash, I'm sorry I didn't have time to properly signal an emergency avoidance maneuver. I felt that my life was in danger and I was acting to protect myself from harm and avoiding a crash."
*He stares at me again, I stare back and put on my best "innocent motorist" face. Something gets crossed off the ticket book.*
"I paced you doing 85mph in a 65mph zone."

At this point my jaw just dropped. I was on an EX250 and I probably weighed about as much as the bike. The thing had been sitting for years and one carb jet was clogged, it was in need of a major tune up and carb rebuild.

"Um... are you sure? I don't think this little thing can get up that fast with a gorilla like me on it."
"Yes, I've clocked guys your size on these doing over 120 mph. I got on at the last exit and immediately paced you."

Clearly this guy saw "Ninja" on the fairing and thought an EX250 was the same as a ZX-10, or he was just itching to make anything stick at this point. I'm sure I was over the limit, but there was no way I was doing 85.

"Officer, this is a 30 horsepower 250cc motorcycle, there are scooters with motors three times this size. Are you sure you aren't thinking of your speed to catch up with me in that short a space? I'm just wondering, because if this little thing can really do 85 that easily, then I just bought the fastest 250 I've ever seen."
*he contemplates this for a moment, probably wondering how it would play in court*
"I'm only going to write you up for 80 mph, that's just an infraction. 85 would be a misdemeanor."
At this point I decide not to push my luck, and my head was getting tired from all the Jedi Mind Tricks.
"Thanks for cutting me a break, as a student it means a ton to me."
"Yeah, I am cutting you a huge break. I could impound this thing."

I'm just glad he didn't ask about the droids I had on the back.

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Another non-KLR story:
Riding through Western Kansas on my FXR-SP (back in 88) with my boots hanging off the highway pegs and the throttle friction locked (so I could lay back on the bag tied to the sissy bar) when I rounded a blind corner (obscured by trees) and found myself in some little town doing 20 over. I scrambled to unlock the throttle and get on the binders but not quick enough to go unnoticed.

The Sheriff's Deputy that pulled me over started with the typical "Do you know how fast you were going?"
I said "Yup"
He asked "any reason you're going that fast in town?"
I said "Yup"
So he asked "wanna tell me why?"
I said "not really, but if it helps me out, I was stretching my lower back with my throttle locked and the town kinda snuck-up on me. Once I saw the town I slowed down as fast as I could without crashing the bike. You guys really ought to mark the highway better or get rid of those pine trees, it could cause a wreck."
He was laughing at me so hard I thought I'd beat the ticket until he walks back up with a citation in hand. He cited me reckless driving but it was only a warning.
Good enough.

"My KLR belongs to God, when he wants it clean he washes it."
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Originally Posted by VACommuter View Post
Johnny Law pulled me over a couple of months ago. Seems on my way home from off-roading I had obscured the license plate with mud. Completely covered. I wiped it off with a rag while he ran my info through the system. He let me go with a warning. I think he really just wanted a better look at the sidecar rig.

3 buddies and I were heading out to Nat'l Forest to do some forest trail riding, and encountered a checkpoint. 8 of georgia's finest were staked out at this country cross roads, checking every vehicle that came thru. License, insurance, registration, operating controls, safety equipment...they checked EVERYTHING! (They didn't admit it, but my theory is they were trapping for sport bikes). Anyhow, I never wash my KLR, and the license tag was about half obscured with mud from a previous ride. Officer says, "Son, your tag is MUDDY! I can't even read it." I said, "Officer, it's gonna look even worse in about four hours, when we finish the trail!"

He says, "Well, don't bother cleaning it now, then!"

At least I didn't get a ticket. LEO certainly could have written me up had he wanted to. No question there. Probably would have if it had been a sport bike.

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My only experience with LEO is on my way to work, on the back road, I didn't have my License yet, on my KLR (I had passed the test just hadn't taken it to the DOL yet and a permit gives you 3 months of riding) I was late to work so I ripped it up a bit, doing about 50 in a 35, when a crown vic pulls across the road I panic stop, and he lights it up. told me I was doing 70 and that he should impound my bike. I give him my insurance card, my license, and told him I didn't have my registration on me, (it was in my tool bag in the rack) gets back to his car and notices that I only had my permit, he asks me if I only had my permit I said yes, He told me to get off my bike that he had to impound it, as it was illegal to ride a motorcycle with your Learning permit unless you had a passenger. I challenged him on that and he let me stay on my bike till his partner got there, His partner apparently schooled him on the law because I was let go with a $300 dollar speeding ticket for doing 51 in 30.

Now I cant drive for my Job at the shop

but I've learned my lesson and believe that I am a much much safer rider
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