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It will never be the same...


Well guys, I've had a couple of days to think about it, and I'm still kinda upset over the whole "Glenn Accusation Fiasco." When he singled me out as being some kind of ringleader against "His" site and it really hurt my feelings, and I felt betrayed. (As I'm sure as much as he thought he did too) Since I've officially joined .net (lurked for several years) I've put a lot of time and energy into the fourm and made sure the things I posted were useful and courteous to the viewers. Especially if noobs came on board I didn't want my posts to come across as me being some kind of jerk. "Approachable" is the word I'm looking for, I guess.

Anyway, I never meant for me pointing the way to another forum for the angry/upset guys and gals that wanted to cool off or post elsewhere to get out of hand. I joined over here back in June hoping things would pick up eventually, because you can never have too much info on the KLR, as far as I'm concerned. Most everyone already knows about ThumperTalk, ADVRider, MADS Yahoo Group and the one on Motorcyle or whatever. Links are posted freely back and forth all the time about the other sites, and we all know that there are people who ride KLRs that choose to never come over to the .net site. They have their favorites/home already established. So, by me pointing the way to another forum, was in part doing them a service in kind of a "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" kind of way, but not in a rude manner... just giving them a direction to go up the road. It was never my intention to totally jump ship from .net, as I was going to go freely between the two because even a new site needs help getting off the ground, and I've got plenty of "Tech Write-Ups" and other helpful posts that would go a long way over here. I only wanted to be a liaison between the forums for the people who I knew would eventually not go back and forth to share information.

But now, it seems as if I've been unoffically banned from there, and it would be hard to show my face on the forum. I get this sick feeling like I'm looked upon as some kind of Benedict Arnold if I posted even to say hi. Perhaps, I'm sounding like a whinney crybaby looking for a pat on the back, but I'm really just venting now.

I've been following the posts over there and even the one about "The Other Site" (meaning here) and the refusal to mention the URL as if this is some kind of sick cult. In my mind they are doing a disservice to any new members who might find useful info over here as well. Ironically, the most vocal members in opposition to the creation of this site are also the ones who gripe about censorship, yet their refusal to even type seems way to obviously hypocritical and myopic. They are openly censoring information from anyone who asks about it. Pathetic.

Then there are the few people who delibertly talk bad about me and belittle my efforts in keeping the peace over here early on. I knew the minute "Advertising" for this site went out, that we'd get a flood of members coming in here to either peek around, say hello or push some buttons. So, I don't think anything I said or did to any of those guys was out of line. In the beginning, there needs to be some clear cut standards to follow. If that means squashing any insurrection quickly then so be it. Setting the tone of the forum early, in my opinion shakes the tree loose of any bad apples who wish to hang on and fester, and ultimately spoil it for the whole bunch.

I'm not one of those "Power Trip" guys, and by no means do I want to sit here and babysit every post to see if it might be offensive. If a post is reported, I'll look into it. If the word censor software already put astereks then, leave it be don't report it... just get over it. But what I will not tolerate is people being unruly with eachother and starting the same ole crap all over again. I'm a realist and live in the real world. I know people are different and have different view points. I don't care. This site and the .net site were supposed to be about the KLR. With a little bit of fun side stuff that kept us entertained while we sat around waiting for a real tech question to pop up. Or to "ooh" and "ahh" over someone's latest upgrade. As far as I'm concerned, this site will be no different except it's got the word censor software turned on. And Moderators who will act when they see people getting out of hand... meaning personal.

The fact that they've now got the "Pot Stirrer's" over there, talking bad about this place does not send a strong message of unity. It's going to start to become a game of "My Toys Are Better Than Yours." If you don't believe me, it's already started, with the name calling and the backstabbing. As if all of us were forced to move to the other side of the island. We chose to come here, and we wanted to start fresh. I get the feeling that you guys in here have the "No Hard Feelings" approach, while they raise a glass and cheer that we are gone. I see what they post about us being the "Touchy Feely KLR Group", and "All Fluff" or "No Substance" forum. That's kind of messed up, and harkens back to a Junior High locker room scenario. I think we can have just as much KLR tech as any site out there. Information is shared freely nowadays, and with us starting fresh, I don't see why we can't have better content, more organization, easier access, and yeah... nicer people.

I'm just sad that my presense will never be the same over there. Might take years for this to die down and become just a memory.
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I think you're taking it too personally..

It's just a internet forum. It's not actual family, it's not business, it's just an internet forum..

I too have had some mixed and hard feelings about what's happened. Glenn and I shared a few messages last night concerning the issues too.. I don't see his point, and I told him so.. He feels that KLR650 doesn't give a crap about this site since he doesn't ride one.. It's just a unfeeling business to KLR650, from what I gather from Glenn.. I "think" Glenn feels that the site owner here is disrespectful because he's not a KLR rider.. I could give a crap if he rides a tricycle and poops his pants. He's supplied a location for use to communicate. That's really all we were asking for.

I know Glenn's poured his heart and soul into his forum, but I told him that the owner doesn't make the forum. The users do.. We seem to be having a pretty good time over here, but somehow some people at .net find that wrong.. Oh well..

I feel Glenn is too personal with his site, and needs to seperate Glenn the forum user from Glenn the forum Administrator.. They should be two different people, and one of them shouldn't be emotionally involved with the the other..

Anyway, that's how I see it..

I've said it numerous times.. I have no hard feelings for Glenn, and I wish and hope the site prospers, as it's done in the past.. My issue was how much fun I am having at a site, and if I'm not having fun, I move on.. The last few weeks over there were less and less fun everday, until I finally said enough was enough. I cleared my posts as well as I could and moved on..

I have fun here.. Mostly.. I'm getting really tired of defending either site as if they're enemies.. They're just internet forums... Enjoy them, or don't use them.. It's not a hard choice.. :wink:
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You're right... people tend to take things rather personally. But like anybody we have feelings too. Most of us post and read throughout the day and kind of treat these forums as extended families. It's not as if the forum users are being fake and impersonal with their use... which is why I think the personal feelings leak into these threads. A lot of us end up opening up and talking about some pretty weighty issues from time to time. I know that some people even share things to the group that they don't share with their families.

The same kind of dynamic can be found with 12 Step Groups... the members become addicted to just going to the meetings. It's the social interaction and commradre that builds self-esteem and character. It's kind of like a drug when you've got hundreds of people that "get you" and share in the same trials and joys. I know there are circumstances that lead people to feel a trust with forum users that they don't often share with their family. It's just how these things play out, and sometimes it can be delicate tightrope to walk.

There's a lot of people that seem willing to follow Glenn anywhere. Which is fine to a certain extent, when you are a good leader. But let's be honest for a moment... for the last year he has not "Lead" that group anywhere. He has simply allowed the group to take it's own course. (See what happened?) I personally don't have any problem with Glenn, and I found him a fairly decent person from some of the PM's I'd had with him. But in all fairness, he is a bit distracted and needs to learn when to deferr control to those with more time and/or experience. I know for a fact that his forum can make real money, if he'd just let go of the reigns a little. He's got a captive audience of over 7000 members, and even if he charged $1 or $2 for registration, you and I both know he'd get it no sweat. Heck, people would pay more to have access to that database of knowledge and members.

Hello, my name is Biker Scout. And I'm a KLR addict.
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Is the .net site up and running now? I still can't even get a page to load.

It takes a lifetime to build a solid reputation and about 30 seconds for someone else to tear it down. Continue on as you have here or there or both and your character will shine through the bs in good time.
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And you're right.. It's extended family and there we all tend to show some personality here..
But I've made up my mind that I'm not going to let something here upset me like I have before.. Those that I know in person are one thing, but I don't have the time, energy, or desire to wrap myself in a forum like I have in the past.. It's still personal communication, but I'm going to put real world direct contact, to the front of my concern line.

I know there's real fingers typing what I read from other users here, and there's often a brain connected to those fingers, but there's got to be a line drawn as to how far I'm going to wrap my emotions into my computer screen..

Now you'll have to excuse me.. I'm getting pissed at a couple guys I'm playing poker with on Absolute Poker.. :lol:
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Reminds me of the IRL and I have to go to both to see it all.

Not blaming anyone...don't really care for the drama. But, now all my KLR info comes from 4 different places. DSN, MADS, net and now com.

Some have told me to choose...BS I say. All the places have a personality. Now, a new one has emerged. Another personality, if you will.

All I'd like to say is lets all get over whatever needs getting over with, get information and tech built back up and get on with life. Or whatever.

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I normally don't write long responses, I try to keep them short and witty, I tend to agree with both of you, but these forums are like a grade school playground. you really can't take any think to personal, God himself could not please everybody here. You both do an excellent job with your input here, and I enjoy reading what you have to say, but don't let the occasional a$$hole bring you down to there level. You are both great guys and I hope that some day, I will meet both of you in person, Oh, and don't make me go searching the internet again looking for you, or I'll tell my MOM, and you don't want that!!! 8) My hat is off to both of you!! :wink:
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Send a message via Yahoo to Kawioops
Did You read my post under "Refugees"? For the record, I never thought YOU came off as a jerk or anything remotely close to it, Although some others came off that way. I understand Your feelings, but in the words of John Melencamp" some people ain't no damn good", and " no good deed goes unpunished". The Skip Hunt debacle was a good indicater of some peoples attitudes and Charactor. That whole thing got WAY out of hand. Biker Scout, I don't know much, but I do know YOU have no reason to be ashamed or feel responsible for anything that may have gone wrong. Ya done good kid, by any REASONABLE person's standards, and any other person's standard is bunk. Good Luck in Your new endeavor as a mod. I think Your a good choice and will do right by all.

I AM Wonko the Sane!
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In case you haven't noticed, some people are paranoid as hell. Others, who also tend to be paranoid, are adept at blaming other people for problems. Rather than solving the problem, they will waste countless hours pointing the finger while nothing is done to resolve the problem. I'm prone to fix things first and point the finger later when I have nothing better to do. This is not the first complete loss of all the data on as anyone who's been around for awhile knows. Whether it's an equipment failure, or the site was shut down or whether it was an actual attack doesn't really matter because S____ happens and rule # 1 is BACKUP EVERYTHING! Rule #2 is REFER TO RULE #1.

Since it's clear that .net is has established a pattern of not following rule #1, it's safe to assume that at some point it will happen again. I'm not all that interested in contributing time and effort into another probable failure.
I'll admit that on the last incarnation, I didn't really contribute much except in the way of conversation simply because I was jaded from having my contributions from the previous version lost. Yeah, I was a helpful guy at one time believe it or not.

It seems that Glenn is more prone to blame someone else for his problems (cheap and unreliable hosts) rather than take the initiative to take care of his own stuff or at least pay someone who knows what they are doing, he'll need someone to blame. So why not you? :twisted:
That statement will probably get me banned from .net but at this point, I don't really care any more.
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post #10 of 86 Old 10-07-2006, 12:16 PM
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is there such a thing as a 'internet legacy'? :roll:
beats me..gotta lighten up my friends.
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