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post #1 of 15 Old 01-08-2007, 05:33 PM Thread Starter
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Something new...single axle trailer for KLRs

Hi guys:

Here is something that has grabbed my attention...a single wheeled trailer to carry your stuff when touring on those long distance trips! I saw one for the first time at the Toronto Bike show last weekend. Has anyone else seen or had any experience with these funny little creatures??? I think that they are just what the doctor ordered to relieve the huge load that we sometimes pile onto our bikes when touring....what do you guys think?
Could this be a possibility for us to use or would I get laughed out or off the board??? Hmmm...????

I did a search for single wheeled motorcycle trailers and came up with a few choices.
They seem to be easy to make depending upon the suspension you chose to use. They weigh almost nothing and follow very well from the ones in the videos. Some guy has one atached to his old thumnper, looks like a war time Harley scout or something??? He is doing figure 8s on a two laned road...not bad for a turning radius.

I was just wondering where and if it was possible to attach the tow bar (removeable) to our bikes??? Where would the strongest attachment points be?? Also, what rearend off a small dirt bike would one use??? Many questions...more sleepless nights trying to figure this out!!!! lol

They sell for huge money if one was to buy from manufactures!! $1800!!!!
I figure no more than $500 or less to finish one??? Depending on what you want from it???
Some had a open rack like a red wagon look to them and others had the totally enclosed trailer look like a cooler. I sort of like the open look as it accents the look or ruggedness of our bikes. Better than a smooth cruiser style although the enclosed type would keep everything dry.

So what do you guys think????

Am I NUTS or what????

Man I hate tossing and turning all night!!! lol

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post #2 of 15 Old 01-15-2007, 04:53 AM
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you're not nuts!! i've got the back half of a late 70's mono shock yz125 that i'm going to make a trailer out of. :twisted:
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post #3 of 15 Old 01-15-2007, 02:05 PM Thread Starter
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It just seems a natural thing....load a small trailer instead of your stead for the few long hauls. Then travel in relative comfort without 100lbs of stuff pushing you off the bike!!!

Well that's how I was looking at it anyway!!

post up a pic of your rear shock and arm I'm curious..

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post #4 of 15 Old 01-19-2007, 01:46 AM
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yeah, I saw the web site for the trail tail, looked nice, and very easy to fabricate actually, but way to expensive for a normal humans budget.. When I have the time and can locate a hollow axle from a klx, I'll give it a try.

You could make the entire thing for less than $500 even if you used stainless. I figure for about $60 you could get all the steel to weld one up. the swivel connection would be a bit tricky, you'd need to use good bushings or bearings, but it's very doable. That and I like how they attach at the axle rather than high up on the sub frame like one rider has with his burrito trailer, though that one is huge compared to the trail tail.

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"I'm flat out like a lizard drinking"
Thanks Steve, you will be missed.
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post #5 of 15 Old 01-23-2007, 02:23 PM
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Do a Google search for 'motorcycle pull behind trailer'. Most of them are two-wheels but there are some single-wheeled trailers out there. I am very interested in a single-wheel trailer. A secure trailer is high on my list.

Cyclops (Canadian)

If I remember correctly there was a thread of an off-road trailer at .net before it blewup for the second time. Anyone remember the company link?


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post #6 of 15 Old 09-09-2012, 07:10 PM Thread Starter
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OK, I have built this trailer and forgot to update this thread ....sorry....I have had it in use for a few years maybe 3 or 4...again sorry.
I have been asked to talk about what I used and how it works etc.

I'll try not to just copy and paste which would be easier but probably not ethical ...? But may have to because we had a hard drive meltdown on us a year ago so I may have lost the pics.

Here goes.....
It was made from 3/4" square tubing and used a Honda 90 swing arm and rear took a day to draw it out on my garage floor for basic dimentions, but it was that simple.

As you can see it is a simple shape and strong!
I then went about skining the box with very lightweight alluminium. Siding material, cheap and very workable. It is glued and pop riveted on. It has a liftable top in the front and rear compartments.

I then went after a rear fender and rack. Fender was a plastic aftermarket one from Fleabay. The rack was a fridge shelf....yep all high tech. stuff....true to KLR regulations.

Then attention was pointed towards the hitch area. First hitch comprised of using a 1 ton van steering U worked but not well. It allowed for too much flex would have thought the pressure a steering system would have been more...maybe not???

After using that for a year I went after it again and decided to make a fifth wheel type design. The up and down movement came from a solid block of steel welded to my rear PackRat pannier frame with a hole bored through it sideways. Then there was a second piece of steel un the shape of a tight fitting "U" to fit around the first piecealso with a hole bored sideways through it and a grade 12 bolt which fit tightly in the bore. I also drilled and tapped 4 threaded holes 2 on top and 2 underneath the welded block to allow me to control the amount of tension or drag the bolt was allowed to make to make sure it stayed tight and not started flopping around in the bore. Attached, welded to that "U" was a flat plate 1/8" thick with a square edge on one end and a rounded on the other. There was a hole drilled in the centre of that rounded shape and a bolt again grade 12 put through it. Now the trailer part had the same flat plate welded to it's drawbar or hitch attachment location, again with the same hole. Now I found a thin piece of cutting board material and machined it down to 1/8" roughly but perfectly flat and sandwiched it between the two flat plates. This gives the two plates a smooth easy to slide material to allow for smooth rotation on that side to side twisting motion. So far so good....? Still with me...?
I do not have pics of this seeing as I had meltdown.
This is the present way I have the trailer attached to my bike. It works and works well.
I have trailered this thing all over Canada and had zero issues with it as it sits. I don't use it much and at one time was trying to sell it.....but no sensible I still have it and will again take it across Canada next time I go. there are a few things to remember when designing a trailer. You must think of the trailer having an invisible line that is drawn from the hitch point, traveling through the body of the trailer, through the trailer axle and then to the ground. This is the loading ballance point or line that will allow your trailer to tow safely. I learned this the hard way. The rear rack I have on the trailer was first meant to carry my cooler or gas.....I loaded my smallish cooler with a weekend's food etc and started off......I got a km from home and the trailer tried to throw me off the bike! It started to flop from side to side, not wander or jump from side to side but flop as in tipping the bike from side to side. It nearly threw me off.....I was lucky. So after returning home and reloading with all heavy items below this imaginary line all was well. I see some guys building trailers and see that their design hasn't been designed to take this line into concideration. They will be sorry, but I do try and explain what and how to fix their design. Some listen some don' each their's a free world.
I am still thinking of building a two wheeled trailer one day but it gets pushed to the back burner too often. I want to see if it would be a better design load weight wise...not that I'm looking to increase the load on my bike. The single wheeled trailer pulls so effortlessly nu really don't know it's there untill you come to a parking lot and need to back it up. OR, if you decide to take it off the bike for a day of trail riding. Then it wants to fall over and is very hard to stop it from doing so. A small price to pay for such a good design...imho. If you load you bike to the limits of it's capability, it has a much harder time pushing itself through the air causing your bike to drink more fuel. This is how I went this past summer back to the Arctic. It was very noticable in the long term costs in fuel. If you load a thin single wheeled trailer with some of the lighter items that normally would stick way out or disrupt airflow you will save quite a bit of $$$ on a cross country adventure.

So, that's it for now.......I'll post up some finished pics with it attached to the bike, albeit with the old hitch design but you will get the bigger picture of how it looks etc.

If you have any questions.....I'm happy to help....just ask.

That's all I got.....

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Cool trailer! Thank you for taking the time to post the pics and description, I had remembered it from the .net site but couldn't recall all the details. Good to see the bike in the picture as well, gives an idea of scale. I might have to break out the crayons and do some drawing...

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I used once the final design the pencil came out.

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post #9 of 15 Old 09-15-2012, 09:24 AM
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So did you take this trailer to Alaska this year? I've always wanted a single wheel trailer.
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post #10 of 15 Old 09-15-2012, 10:22 AM
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Excellent job on the trailer design and the posting. Just a couple quick questions:
1) is there a quick release for the trailer or is it require to be bolted? The hitch looks to apply similar physics as the swing arm.
2) what welding equipment do you use or recommend for this job?
3) have you weighed the trailer?
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