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Screw the dealer Rant

What do you think I should do/should have done?

I buy a brand new 2008 KLR650 less than a week ago and find that the clutch lockout is faulty.

This is by all rights a Safety Issue and could, under the right circumstances, get me killed.

(for those who are unaware, the clutch lockout is designed so you can't engage the starter motor while the bike is in gear unless you pull the clutch in).

On my bike you can't start the engine at all unless you first put it in neutral. This means that if I stall it at a light, in traffic, I have to quickly find neutral, restart the engine, put it back in gear and get the hell out of the way of the traffic rushing up behind me.

Last week the guys in the service department told me to bring the bike in this morning at 10:30 and they'd take a quick look at it while I waited. However, when I got there this morning they made it perfectly clear they could give a sh*t less what I needed and said that I could leave the bike and come back later in the day. These guys IMO have really lousy attitudes and piss poor customer service skills. They don't apologize at all, they just say "that's the way it is buddy" Nothin' I can do about it".
While it can be argued that I should have noticed the problem when I bought it, it can also be said that they should have caught it when they put the bike together. I mean, they did ride it after they assembled it.

I'm thinking now that I'll just pull the fairing and bypass the damn switch!:bash


OK, rant over.

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I personally would make a call to Kawasaki customer service and tell them what is going on with that particular dealer, then I would make a call to the Better Business Bureau and make a complaint and then call the dealer and let them know what you did. Most people will just roll over and let the 'dealers' lay it to them without lube, they don't expect someone to stand up to them.

just my 2 cents, right or wrong.

2008 DL650 VStrom Yellow and Black
Previous ride was a 2007 KLR Black/Silver, I miss it..
Looking to get back into KLR's sometime soon.

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Kick them in the sack. !

why not just adjust it? then ride down there and throw a brick with a note on it through their window?....I'm sure you could figure out what to write on the note...

Welcome back Tim.

- Joe

HighSpeed Hiker- DV o5'
Originally Posted by larryboy
come awn... it's not'll be fun..

sorry I can't....... I'm fishing today
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we could organize together and everyone call and book bogus service calls for the next month for miscellaneous bikes. Once the books are loaded and nobody shows up that ought to hurt the wallet and get the owners attention that something is wrong in service. I am an asshole like that.
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Devils advocate here....... and this is not targeted at anyone in particular.

You ever hang out at a recreational vehicle dealership very long?

I've owned a boat, jetski and a couple motorcycles before this KLR and I'm not mechanically gifted. I had to rely on the dealers when things went wrong. I wouldn't want any part of the shithead customers they have to deal with every single day. Recreational vehicle owners are total pricks when it comes to their precious toys being down during the season (and we all know this). They become very demanding and the ones with higher priced toys believe they deserve preferential treatment. I've been in dealerships long enough to see these people come and go constantly. It's no wonder the dealership gets cold and becomes less concerned about any particular customer. They can only do so much, but their customers expect them to work 24/7 and would just as well have them in diapers to avoid bathroom breaks, fed through a tube system to avoid lunch breaks, and drugged in order not to sleep. It's not that there aren't any good customers, there are just more jerk customers and you always have to adjust your business to deal with the jerks. This means "Get your damn vehicle in there so they can get it in the queue or deal with it yourself". The longer you wait and keep them on the phone the longer it takes to get anything done.... just get your vehicle in there. Most dealers cannot stand the infamous question "When can you look at it and I'll bring it in then". They don't know!! If your vehicle isn't there, the next one that comes in will go before you, over and over again. GET THE VEHICLE IN THERE!! Leave them alone and let them work. You see, it's not just you in there asking questions, it's 20 or more people a day in there asking questions. That's a lot of wasted time each day that could have been used to work on the vehicles and order parts.

I don't think it's acceptable to be treated badly, but it's also a fine line between what one person thinks is bad treatment and what another person sees as minimal chatter to be effecient and getting on with their job in order to get everyones toys out of the shop.

On top of that stuff, you have the constant lurkers who always come in and bug the salespeople to help browse the merchandise, try things on for size and fit, check the quality, then go buy online. That salesperson could have been helping a real customer, but now that real customer thinks their service is crap and gets an attitude because they didn't receive any help. I always tell salepeople when I'm just killing time and looking over stuff so that they don't waste their time on me and it's not 5 seconds later they are helping somebody else who is buying stuff that day.

Anyway, until the majority of recreational vehicle owners learn to accept how things work in the business, the dealerships will continue to get colder. It's a shame, but it's reality.

I always found it's best to call the dealer and ask to be put in the queue and then ask them when they would like the vehicle there. They really don't like keeping tons of vehicles around and they typically know if they'll even look at your vehicle or not within the next few days. So, you can just bring it in when they request and they appreciate you for that. Less vehicles they need to move around every night. And, you know the status of your vehicle because it's at your house and no need to call every day to ask if they are working on it yet. Bring it in the day they asked for it and most likely it will be that day or the next day that they get to it.

I've also had them ask me to bring it in soon as I could so that it's there and ready for them when they can get to it. I take it in and never bug them for a time frame yet 4 other people are there before me pacing around and acting all "I can't leave my precious toy for that long, when can they get to it, blah frickin blah.. wahh wahh wahh". I just hand them the key, tell them the problem and say thanks for everything guys, I really appreciate you saving my summer here. They call me the next day and it's ready to go. They sure as heck didn't get those other 4 done before me that quick and I know they had other vhicles back there already in queue.

Anyway, yes there are majorly bad dealers out there, but I think a lot of them just get a bad rap.

Now, on the other side of things. Back when I had my boat, I hit an underwater obstruction and put a hole in the lower unit. They requested my boat be there ASAP so it's there when they can get to it. I came by two days later (just happened to be in the area) and asked about it's status. I noticed back in the shop area that the mechanic was reupholstering somebodies boat. WTF?????? It's the middle of boating season and some dipshit had his boat in for reupholstering????? That's a winter project man. If the boat runs, get it in the water!! It was safe to assume his stupid boat would take awhile and it was definately holding up mine. I asked them about this and their policy is first come first serve no exceptions. I asked them how they could seriously justify a mechanical issue being put aside for cosmetic one. I later found out this dealer definately caters to those who spend the most money. I'll never use them again. So I do know the difference between bad and good dealers.

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Or work on it yourself......

- Joe

HighSpeed Hiker- DV o5'
Originally Posted by larryboy
come awn... it's not'll be fun..

sorry I can't....... I'm fishing today
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Originally Posted by theotherbigjoe View Post
Or work on it yourself......
Yep, that's what I'm doing so far with the KLR and KDX. Try it with a modern jetski or boat and your asking for trouble if you don't have all the specialty tools and devices and, of course, the knowledge. Not everybody has the time or ability to do the stuff either. DIY is not always the end all solution.
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Don't expect "favors" and you won't get your feelings hurt.
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I might have missed some relevant point here, but it sounds like you expected them to push every other bike in the service queue back one position while they worked on yours. That doesn't seem fair to me.
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