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Riding around the hood

got my 2014 KLR NE about two weeks ago, so far I haven't been out of my neighborhood, trying to knock the rust off after a 30 year hiatus, I figure it's as good a place as any to get my practice in, it's an older neighborhood with a mixture of houses and mobile homes, old crappy unmaintained roads, lot's of untethered dogs to chase you and today a pop up rain storm and a squirrel ran out and christened both tires.

Think I'll venture out and ride to work Sunday morning!
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I keep a can of pepper spray close to hand. Sorry, I had a paper route the whole time I went through junior high and high school. I blast dogs that rush me. I don't feel guilty about it because I view it as a less than lethal training aid for the dog. I found that once I spray the dog they usually don't chase me again. Bare in mind I don't blast dogs just because they bark, but when they aggressively pursue me and try to bite me they get blasted. If any of you love dogs and this pisses you off then I'm sorry, keep your animals secured on your property.

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The dogs are bad in my neighborhood, the Mrs won't walk or ride her bicycle because of them, at least The KLR has enough pep to leave them in a cloud of dust, one of them had a great angle on me and enough speed to nearly be more than just a nuisance, the squirrel, well he was just unfortunate, I'll have to find me some little squirrel decals and put them on my bike like the old fighter pilots....lol
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Get the missus a can of pepper spray. And a .380 in case the irresponsible dog owner wants to get violent. Hell, bro. You live in Texas. Blast the dogs with pepper spray. They learn REAL quick! LOL

2009 KLR650
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I bought her a Ruger LC9 last year and she got her CHL, it sits in the safe, lead em to water but you can't make em drink!!!!!
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I hear ya. I bought my wife a Ruger hammer-less .38 and every time she fires it she flinches.

2009 KLR650
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The Miss's and guns

Originally Posted by powerpro69 View Post
I bought her a Ruger LC9 last year and she got her CHL, it sits in the safe, lead em to water but you can't make em drink!!!!!
Get her a nice pink Rhine stone holster, might help?


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There's been a crackdown on loose-running dogs here over the past couple of years; unusual since my town is only about 850 people. There are a couple that still roam the town, but they're harmless.

I encounter a lot of dogs out running the local gravel roads. They're big, mean and occasionally cut my ride short to get home for an underwear change if they happen to get the jump on me and I suddenly hear them barking right by my leg and see them running right next to me.

Fortunately, I know where most of them reside so I can plan ahead. Most of them seem to have a pre-programmed attack route from the yard or front porch to the road, but sometimes they'll be across the road on the other side and come exploding out of the weeds or road ditch where you don't expect them.

When I see them ahead of time, I usually slow down, then just as I approach them, I speed up to kind of throw them off.

I've accepted this, though. If I lived out in the boonies like some of these people do, I'd have a free-running dog around the house, too.

Yes, they're public county roads, but the dogs aren't a threat to the few people in cars that drive down them (generally just the people who live on them) and I'm about the only person around here who regularly rides a motorcycle on them.

I actually find myself sometimes opting for the "dog roads" so I can experience the thrill of the chase, even though I'm the one being chased. I always just hope that's not the time the KLR decides to crap out on me.

When the wife accompanies me on her Honda 250 ATV, we have to avoid dogs like those because the Honda doesn't have the acceleration or probably even the top speed to keep her away from them.

I'm always armed out in the boonies but even though I have every right to be on those roads, I don't consider those peoples' dogs an infringement on my rights. That's the reason they live out there and not in town and I respect that.

Now in town, it's a different story. If you're in close proximity to other people, you need to keep your dogs under control at all times.

I've pepper-sprayed a lot of humans, but I can't imagine trying to effectively spray a dog whilst riding a motorcycle.

My strangest animal experience was riding at relatively low speeds through a thick bank of fog on an asphalt road one morning on my way to a fishing hole.

Suddenly, I could hear the unmistakable sound of deer hooves on pavement but I couldn't tell where they were because the fog was so thick and my visor was fogged up. I can only assume they must have been beside me because I didn't hit any of them. I never even caught a glimpse of them.

I was also brought to a standstill on my mountain bike one day when I came across a huge bobcat that just stood in the road, glaring at me and blocking my way. I just stopped, astraddle the bike and pulled out the .380 I was carrying but knew if it came at me, I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of hitting the thing before it got to me. It was about 20 feet away and would have been on me in less than a second.

I debated on slowly walking the bike backwards, but was afraid to move and there was no way I was turning my back on the thing.

I think I had surprised it because the gravel road was damp and it didn't hear me approaching. It was probably just as scared as I was.

I figured if it attacked, my best chance was to offer my non-gun arm and try to get it on that then shoot it at close range. I was 5 miles from the nearest human, had no first aid kit and no cell phone coverage so just a few large lacerations from its claws could have been fatal.

The standoff ended peacefully. After what seemed an eternity, it slow moved forward off into the weeds at the side of the road, eyeballing me the whole time.

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Welcome to the Forum and the KLR world!
One of my most fun memories of me cruising the gravel roads and dogs is: I was cruising along at a nice clip with a friend following me. Off to my right there is a farm house and I see a BIG Doberman pinscher hauling azz to meet me at just the right angle. Usually I see them and think, no big deal I got them, but this big boy was moving and he was going to get me. I thought O schnit and opened her up, the problem is I was fast approaching a tight right so I was going to have to slow down and turn closer to him. As we know, top heavy KLR's don't drift around a corner of loose gravel very well, so I had to get on the brakes quick and gingerly take the corner. LOL It was a funny, then O schnit moment, then funny again. : ) O good times!!

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i have no problem putting a boot in a dogs face while riding, or depending on the ground a face full of gravel or sand w/e. i havent had to stop and actually kill one yet but it's not out of my realm to do so. there are masses of stray dogs down here that enjoy tag. the animal shelter here is "euthanizing" something like 60 a week that people bring in.

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