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jmoore 02-13-2010 07:46 PM

Can I find love & happiness......
..... on a KLR?

Have ridden Beemers for 25 years. Thought I'd come close to true love with my 98 GS 1100 tricked out for adventure touring. Well - from day one there was the infamous "surging" - which BMW to this day says does not exist, and no one can eliminate. I put up with it because the rest of the bike did what it was supposed to - and took me where I wanted to go. The last big trip was a solo gig to the northern tip of Newfoundland:)

Long story short - the dealership just shut down. That - combined with a bike that has a few years on it has me looking for a new pony.

As a Neo-Luddite, I'm wanting to stay away from as much technology as possible - hence the interest in the KLR:) Not only is there a thriving dealership in town - but even I can understand most of what goes on in the KLR - a definite plus. Close seconds are the V-Strom and Wee-Strom.

Now to the real problem - my size. I am 6' 5", and 290#. OK - in full riding gear, we're probably talking 300-310. Then, of course, we have all of the gear I haul on extended trips. Never weighed it - but I'm guessing 40 - 50# - I don't know.

I know the KLR has - shall we say - less than stellar brakes, and I guess I can deal with that. (And I'll REALLY miss the ABS:) I'm worried about over-stressing the little fella with 350#+ onboard from a suspension point of view. I'm assuming there are some aftermarket springs/shocks that might help??? (Hell - the aftermarket parts I put on the GS would have bought a stock KLR - so I'm not adverse to adding kit if it's available.)

Any and all feedback from fellow "monsters" would be greatly appreciated. For that matter - any suggestions of another bike to consider would also be appreciated.

In retrospect - there have been times I was 1500+ miles from the nearest BMW delaership - which could have been interesting in the event of a breakdown. Kaw dealers are much more common, and that is yet another reason I'd like to consider the KLR. FWIW - and not to piss off any hard cores here - the switching gear & controls on the 09 KLR I looked at today felt like toy quality compared to what I'm used to. OTOH - everything I read says they are like the proverbial Eveready Bunny - and just keep going & going:) Needless to say - I'd like to try and make it work if there's a snowball's chance in hell!



flash 02-13-2010 08:37 PM

Sounds like you have found it but are not aware of it......you love motorcycles and are happy to be riding. Keep the GS and get a KLR or whatever. Unlike wives you are allowed more than one unless you are an oxymormon.

Tom Schmitz 02-13-2010 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by flash (Post 56925)
... unless you are an oxymormon.

Drinking coffee here, Flash. You own me a new keyboard. Good thing it wasn't beer. ROTFLMAO.

jmoore -

Welcome! I have ridden my KLR with about 375 pounds on it with the stock shock. Not pretty, but it didn't break.

You'll probably be wanting a Moab shock from cogent Dynamics or something similar, with Racetech emulators or Ricor Intiminators in the forks and some uprated springs. You've got some weight on me, but that's the direction I'm going to go and from all reports, it will work well.

You will find the KLR to be nice and tall, so you should feel comfortable, though you may be wanting a way to lower the pegs to unfold your legs. Good luck with that...:)

The KLR - cheap and reliable, but definitely not high tech or upscale. Flash is right - keep the GS and get a KLR.


tkent02 02-13-2010 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by jmoore (Post 56923)

Long story short - the dealership just shut down. That - combined with a bike that has a few years on it has me looking for a new pony.

You already have the bike, what do you need a dealership for?

Keep the BMW, a KLR be be a little smaller and a little easier in some tight places, get you farther back in the boonies, but it is NOT a BMW.

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