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  1. martydi
    03-30-2020 08:33 AM - permalink
    Thanks for the response. I do have a Cogent shock on the bike, and I always adjust it prior to a highway ride (basically, I'm either loaded up full or completely unloaded). I didn't think that would be the issue, but maybe I need to play around with the preload. Perhaps the suggested setting method isn't working for some reason.

    Anyway, I don't plan on swapping the tires just because of this, but I think I will definitely pick a different pair when they need replacing just to see what happens.

    I also don't recall the bike wobbling on a long trip a couple of years ago with the same type of tires (different set though), but I've also changed a lot of things on the bike since then and can't remember exactly when the wobbles began...
  2. dallas
    03-26-2020 04:55 PM - permalink
    Martydi, this gets a bit redundant because Dave and others have already explained the real culprits. I wouldn't toss your current tires unless you just want to try something else. Your picture looks like yours has panniers and a trunk like mine. I can't properly set up my suspension sag because I have stock suspension on my '12. The shock is set at stiffest pre-load and is still too soft. I could increase the fork pre-load with some spacers. But for now I did manage to lessen the problem to at least a safe level by airing up the tires and keeping my boxes light. Eventually, I may upgrade my suspension and solve this the correct way. Obviously some tires have more sidewall flex than others but if the tires were really the problem we'd have big adventure bikes scattered along the highways because they run the same ones I'm having trouble with...
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