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  1. Swish
    02-17-2010 10:20 PM - permalink
    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for the reply. I've been out to Point Reye's but haven't walked Lamentor Beach. I will have to try that now. Thanks for the idea!

    My husband, Theotherbigjoe is the rider in the family. I'm simply along for the ride! I do miss the Cape so much at times. The charm of New England can only be experienced there. I do agree that some spots in other states are beautiful and certainly worth going to...but my heart belongs to the east coast. How is the population out there now? It's been a few years....almost 16 to be exact...since I lived in MA. California is a nice place to travel around but the masses of people tend to get to be a bit much at times. Bodega Bay in the off season is wonderful and luckily we live only 20 minutes from that coast. We ride out there sometimes.

    Take some pictures around the Cape when the weather breaks enough for you to go on a ride again. I'd love to see some dunes.

  2. blue kow
    02-13-2010 07:59 AM - permalink
    blue kow
    Hi Swish, I think I replied to your message in the wrong forum. Anyway yes, Cape Cod road's are great! I've been to Scargo tower a few times. Have'nt made it to P Town yet, My back started bugging me around Truro so I stretched out on a beach a while before heading back. Maybe I'll try again in the spring.
    I had a nice mid winter cruize a couple of weeks ago as the temp hit a rare 53*. I did'nt go far but it was great to ride again!
    I see your out in Petaluma, I lived out in Calaveras County for year's. Every time we needed a Cape Cod fix we went out to Point Reye's Lamentor Beach and walked out to the point. Cape Cod on steriods! I'm sure you must have found that place by now. What a great area. Funny, when I was out there I missed the Cape, and of course now I miss California. Grass is always greener.
    What and were do you ride?


    nt go far but it was great to ride again! [/I]
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