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Review of Ruger MK III Pistol

Some history of me first:

Grew up next to my Uncles 350 acre farm and had tons of time and places to shoot growing up. I had several shot guns, .22s and other rifles hanging on my wall as a kid growing up.

I was a crack shot with a rifle and shotgun as a kid. I started to get into pistols after I left New York State and their over the top gun laws.

I am currently a CWP instructor for the state of SC. I consider myself a good shot. Although I've never formerly shot competition I can out shoot my Dad who has won several competitions.

I own several guns along with a few pistols and revolvers. Each one serves its purpose. Some are movie replicas, some are self defense, some are cool to look at. All are in a safe.

The Ruger:
I got a Ruger MKIII pistol. Standard blue barrel with adjustable sights. I got the adjustable sights because the main purpose of this pistol is to provide accuracy as well as easy on the wallet shooting experiences. As it turns out the adjustable sights are not needed with the one I bought. More on that later.

First impressions are that of a firearm that is quality built. The gun looks great. Feel free to find pics on the internet. It does look like other guns on the market or they look like it depending on your point of view.

It feels good in the hand. Made of metal, it is heavy but only heavy to the point of knowing that you have something in your hand. At first I thought the angle of the grip to the barrel would make the gun feel awkward but it has a natural feel to it.

Firing the Ruger MKIII:
I brought it to the firing range and put 100 rounds through it. It wore the bulls eye out. I had bought a 100 rounds of the cheapest CCI ammo you can buy. It has a VERY nice trigger for the price! I didn't notice any creap what so ever in the trigger. You might but I didn't. Most of the time the shot going off was a surprise. The first shot was in the center of the red bulls eye and brought a smile to my face.
(being a cwp instructor I shoot many double action pistols. It was nice shooting a single action semi auto for a change)
I was at a range and was having fun. There were many 'powerful' handguns on both sides of me. They seemed to be praying and spraying their shots. I taped up the back side of one target and printed a 'smile' on the target. Guys on both sides of me were admiring my art work. Then I put up a new target and proceeded to wear out the center of the bull. I didn't even get close to the black. All shots were well in the red.

Of the 100 shots, there were 3 jams. This is a new pistol and jams sometimes do happen with new pistols. I was also using some very cheap ammo so that may of had something to do with it.

For its indended purpose:
a 22 is not a self defense round. I guess it would be if that was the only thing you had available at the moment. Clearly there are better rounds out there for self defense. The 40 S & W is my favorite. Self defense is not why I bought this handgun though. I bought the Ruger MKIII because:
1) It has a good reputation for working
2) It can be used in competition. Not bad for an off the shelf pistol
3) I needed a pistol for some of my 'new to hand guns' students
4) Have you noticed the price of ammo going up. Shooting a 22 makes sense and cents.
5) This pistol is a joy to shoot. My Colt 45s are big boomers. My 357s/38s are nice wheel guns but they are not this gun. My 40 is purely a self defense pistol that I have a hard time firing accurately. My little 380 is so light that it kicks the hardest of all my pistols and hurts to shoot more than 100 rounds. This is a full size pistol, shooting the little 22 round which means that there should be no flinching.
6) It has been around for a while so there are farkles for it.
7) Comes with two magazines and a weaver style mount if you decide to farkle it
8) I really like Rugers. I have several.
9) Made in the USA

The sights:
They are what I would describe as a box in a box. I would prefer a V notch but that is a personal preference.
I like open sights on my pistols so this will not be scoped.

You can lock this to speak. Any five year old and an allen wrench can defeat the lock. I think Ruger put it on there due to the political climate.

You can lock the action open with a standard combo or key lock.
**Many new people incorrectly assume (Darwin award winners) that you can't fire a gun without the magazine in. With this one you actually can't.

*******ANY SAFETY CAN FAIL********

It has an indicator on the side letting you know if it is loaded or not.

There is a safety lever on thumb side of the gun for right handers.


Sorry there isn't a bunch of technical data for you. I'm not technical when it comes to firearms. I know what I like.

This is IMHO a fine firearm. Great for its intended purpose. This gun will build confidence in new or young shooters. It will allow older shooters to shoot more since 22 ammo is so cheap. If you've been shooting a big cannon for what ever reason this is a very nice change of pace. It will help in getting rid of your flinch from that BIG gun you've been shooting. The design of the gun is old but if it aint broke why change it.

I firmly endorse this gun. Go out and get yourself one.
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I've been a fan of Rugers (and Bill Ruger) since the early Single Six. Never fancy but well built and practical. You just can't go wrong with any of them tho some do have their quirks.

And now, more than ever, join and support the NRA and your state affiliate.
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Originally Posted by Tifford View Post
Of the 100 shots, there were 3 jams. This is a new pistol and jams sometimes do happen with new pistols. I was also using some very cheap ammo so that may of had something to do with it.

I think you're right on both counts, but cheap ammo is usually the big cause. Find the ammo your gun likes, I always say..

I've got a Ruger MK II in stainless, with a 6" tapered barrel, SOLOW mounts and a Tasco Red Dot, and a set of Hogue Target grips.. Very fun pistol to shoot, and I occasionally shoot it in competition at my local club's indoor range.
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My primary hand gun is a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt. It also shoots .45ACP and high power hunting ammo which I load myself.

I like simple and for plinking I can pickup a box of .45ACP for 20 bucks.

I got a Ruger 10/22 but it would jam which really put me off so I swapped it for a .22 Marlin in semi auto. The jamming problem with the 10/22 was caused by the magazine.

I like the MKIII.


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Love those Rugers

30+ year old Ruger Standard semi-auto pistol, Ruger Single Six and a 30+ year old Ruger 10-22 fitted with a stainless barrel.

'06 KLR650
'06 DL1000 V-Strom
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I'm a returning Ruger fan, also.. I gave up on them years ago when they wouldn't insure their own employees if they were involved in a motorcycle accident. They've changed their policy long since, and I'm now a fan again..

I've got a Deerfield .44 Mag rifle, the MK II, a couple 10/22's, and a LCP..

I'm currently in the market for a .45LC, also, but think I'm going to go with a Beretta Stampede in 7.5" Stainless... Been kicking around shooting some of the Cowboy Action stuff, and figured it's a nice place to start.
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Send a message via Yahoo to Kawi_KLR650
Do you like the LCP? I'm thinking of getting one.

2008 KLR650
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Originally Posted by Kawi_KLR650 View Post
Do you like the LCP? I'm thinking of getting one.
Well, as long as you understand it's just a .380, you'll love it!! It's very accurate for such a small handgun, and it disappears when used for CCW.

I had to send mine in for the recall, and Ruger sent it back within a week, with a hat and an extra mag.

Fine little handgun!
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