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Intense Blue Pearl (in progress)
3rd owner; bought w/ ~18.5k miles, currently has 21.5k miles and due for "first" oil change as well as new chains and sprockets (current chain missing at least 3x rollers by now).

-Aluminum rear plate & top case w/ red & gold KLR matching decals

-Manual petcock
-Low-profile magnetic oil drain plug
-LED turn signals w/ relay; rear signals relocated
2004 Kawasaki KLR650-A (Intense Blue Pearl (in progress))


Shinko Trailmaster 705 w/ tubes, stock sizing.

"PO" installed them w/ rotation backward...both!
Stock setup, runs good; "PO" stated carbs "ultrasonic" cleaned; doohickey not modified, but adjusted and has good tension (reduced vibration ~10% after my first ~2000 miles).

15/43, 106-link 520 unknown chain and sprocket set...missing at least 3-5 rollers atm.

Replacing w/ SuperSprox 15/43 & 106-link 520 "Primary Drive" X-ring chain.
Came fully painted w/ front, rear, and sides in a dried up, matte coyote tan color. Stock plastics and matching top case decals show OEM color was red and gold/black. Stripping paint revealed heavily faded plastics.

Currently repainting plastics, tank "Intense Blue Pearl" 2-3 coats, 2-3 coats high gloss, and awaiting polishing and compounding tools/supplies for high shine. Rusting is typical for age of bike; no major issues.

Seat is ripped, lettering faded, and cover tearing from nose. Seat pan re-attached to cover, but now warped and includes a large "nose-gap" at the tank.
"PO" unbranded lowering links, ~1-2".

Replacing w/ stock rear dogbones "soon" -- have any for sale? I'm interested.
Tusk Grip Heaters (owned, not installed)
Wheel and Tire
SAE direct to battery.


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Appears to have a .22 mod shim on stock needle, extended idle mixture screw, 38 & 150 jet, and new stock headlight. Enricher cable (choke) plastic nut is split, but holding and has a "brass nipple" above carburetor (Gen 2 carb).

I now have a Happy Trails skid plate and vibration dampening pad (installed), a Tusk magnetic oil drain plug, Paris Dakar crash bars, and two M548 ammo cans to bolt onto Dirt Racks (modified) rear crash protectors. I am looking to sell the ammo cans and Dirt Racks (rear) together or as a set for $150 as I now prefer soft bags for off-road. The gaskets are great and have been tested, cleaned, and sprayed with rust protector to prevent issues.

9/7 Bike is no longer running after sitting too long and now has a dead battery and undergoing carb clean and repair.