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  1. 2009! All the parts!

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    Basically selling all the parts I've removed from my 2009 KLR to make it a tracker! Trying to sell everything basically with a GOOD discount of OEM price! Good no, GREAT! I don't need those parts anymore, most of them don't even fit on my modified frame anymore, so please help me to empty my...
  2. 2009 ignition switch R&R?

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    My 09 ignition switch was thoughtfully buggered up by the previous owner with a screwdriver or the likes. I'd like to replace it so as to not look as if the bike is "stolen" and for other obvious reasons. I've searched the net only to find vague descriptions on how to remove it. Perhaps I...
  3. Swapping parts between model years

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    I'm swapping out my complete 2009 transmission with an incomplete 2014 transmission. I would like to re-use as many parts as I can. I'm interested to find out what experiences others have had. Here's what I've learned: There were changes made in 2011. Clutch: In early 2011 the clutch was...
  4. Tire Pressure and Wobble

    2008+ KLR650 Wrenching & Mod Questions
    Just got a 2009 KLR650 yesterday and taking it on the highway it gets quite wobbly at 70mph, so I'm troubleshooting. For tire pressure, what is ideal for street riding? I've got a Kenda Big Block front tire with max psi of 36 and a Heidenau Scout rear tire with max 44psi. I weigh 130lbs. Any...
  5. 209 KLR Review, 1st time KLR owner

    Rider Reviews
    2009 KLR Review, 1st time KLR owner As a relatively new owner of a 09 KLR, and a first time owner of any KLR, my review might best be used by someone like me. I have owned 18 bikes in my life, about 50-50 street to dirt, so I know what each type of riding is all about. I researched long and...
  6. Getting Hosed on Price?

    Mid-Atlantic Riders
    Hi everyone; Want to get my first bike and have decided on what I am affectionately calling "The Big Ugly" 2009 KLR650. Today I went to the Motorcycle Mall in Belleville NJ and was beat in the head by a fast talking kid, when he finished trying to add on all the bells and whistles the price...